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U.S. Air Force JROTC : Instilling Honor at a Young Age

USAF JROTC: Instilling Honor at a Young Age
By Jonathan Pederson

   The United States Air Force uses these three core values: Integrity First, Service before Self and Excellence in all we do. As young Cadets in Air Force JROTC program, we instill ourselves with these three values early on. Service members hold themselves to key values like integrity, selflessness, and dedication. We carry on our daily lives practicing these values in hopes to one day to influence others to follow our example. This leads to a nation standing proud on its accomplishments. Without such values, society will crumble under corruption and dishonesty.

We establish organizations like National Honor Society to applaud those who exhibit these values. As well as organizations like the Honor Council to rectify those who fail to uphold these values. These values mold us, and form us into honorable citizens of this nation and this world. We may encounter temptations to cheat on a test, quiz, or homework. Through our integrity, we overcome these temptations and uphold our honor.

That is why it is important to uphold these values by a code, the Honor Code. “I will not cheat, lie, or steal; nor tolerate those who do”. If we abide by this goal, we will excel in all we do with the characters and morals to lead this world as adults. In that manner, we as young cadets, walk this campus with a certain pride in everything we do. Whether that be studying for a test or simply lending a hand to those whom struggle in their day. Together we grow respect for ourselves, our teachers, our mentors, coaches, our fellow cadets; as well as the people we encounter. With that respect, we succeed as individuals and as a group, with excellence. Together we improve the world, by enforcing the very values we live by.