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Tips for Living in a Dorm

Since each boarding school has its own rules and regulations (see here R-MA boarding students) it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out what you need to bring to make dorm life the best possible experience. We have asked our Cadet Life Supervisors, the Commandant, and the Director of Student Life here at R-MA what they think are the best tips for someone moving into a dorm for the first time. Here we go!

•    Read thoroughly through the list of items you are and are NOT allowed to bring with you; you don’t want to run the risk of having something you’ve paid for be confiscated simply because you didn’t see that you weren’t allowed to bring it. 

•    Do not over pack! Trust me, the dorm rooms aren’t nearly as big as the movies and TV shows portray them being and you will run out of room very quickly. It is best to err on the side of caution. Remember, you can buy certain items when you get to the school, as most schools either have stores nearby or a stocked bookstore. (This will also help lighten your load if you are travelling a distance to get to your school.)  

  • Our students, for example, are advised not to bring excessive civilian clothing. They will not need them since they will be in an R-MA uniform nearly the entire time they are here.

•    A plastic basket or shower caddy to hold all of your toiletries. (And a pair of shower shoes to go along with that shower caddy is a must too!)

•    Hangers- and a lot of them. You will inevitably need more hangers than you anticipate so buy a few extra. Pants hangers and multiple item hangers are great ones to remember for keeping uniforms neat and saving space.

•    Plastic containers to hold food. This is a great way to keep your food separate from all of your other belongings and to ensure no critters have access to it. 

•    Shoe organizer. If you are a fan of shoes and absolutely have to have multiple even while at school, a shoe organizer can come in handy. Utilizing a hanging version is the best way to maximize a small living space.