Tips for Boarding School Applications

Boarding school applications usually include many components including the application itself, transcripts, an essay, and other required documents. Being on the receiving end of these various components really gives you a better idea of the best way to go about executing the whole thing. We’ve come up with some tips for completing your boarding school application to hopefully make the process a little easier!Boarding School Application Tips

1. If there is an option to complete the application online, DO IT. Not only is it usually easier for you to enter everything, it is also easier for the school receiving it. Plus, it ensures that all the information goes into the system the way you entered it, leaving less room for error. 

2. Follow the instructions. (Can’t stress this one enough.) You know that old saying, “When all else fails, read the instructions!”? We recommend that you read through everything that is instructed first, and then follow it! The instructions are the result of years of parents calling and asking questions—as we learn that something is confusing or unclear, we correct it or clarify it, so there tends to be a lot of useful information woven into the instructions. Of course, if you still have questions after reading through the instructions, then of course we want you to contact us for clarification! (See Tip #6!) 

3. When requesting documents like transcripts or recommendations from schools and teachers, it is a good idea to put a deadline on the form. When people see that they need to have something done within a specific timeframe they are more likely to get it done in a timely manner.

4. Submit the actual application in a timely manner as well. We often get asked if you have to submit the application before getting transcripts and letters of recommendation. The answer to that is no: you can begin it all at the same time since the transcripts and letters tend to take quite a while. However, we do appreciate receiving the application before those other materials begin to arrive.  The application is where all of your important information is and it’s generally the first building block to having a completed product. It’s hard to let you know that we have received documents (transcripts and letters of recommendation) if we don’t have your email address or phone number first!

5. If you have to submit essays, make sure they are the best representation of your writing abilities. Make sure it represents you and your feelings and beliefs, and that it is grammatically correct. We suggest having a teacher or parent edit it before you submit it to the school. 

6. If you have any questions, ASK! Your admission counselors are there to help you through this process and want to help you in any way they can! They are there for you, so utilize their knowledge and expertise.


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