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Thinking of Giving Back to R-MA? Here’s How We Prepare Students to Thrive in College

It’s hard to explain to a high school student just how much preparation it takes to feel ready to move on to college. Young people sometimes feel that they can do it all, and don’t pay much attention to the reality of how much organization, maturity, and planning goes into a successful college experience. 

At R-MA, we don’t want any of our students to miss out on their dream college opportunities. This is why we have a number of programs across campus that allow students to get involved in the college preparation process and take charge of their futures. 

Tackling the College Admissions Process

At R-MA, we continue to update our College Readiness Program to ensure that each student – with their unique interests, strengths, and goals – receives the guidance and direction they need to reach their full potential.

This program has grown to incorporate one-on-one college mentoring starting in the ninth grade and provides a college readiness plan, a College Counseling Guidebook, visits to campus by college admission representatives, and more. Students at R-MA have never felt more supported in their pursuit of the right college experience for them. 

Students at R-MA create strong relationships with faculty and staff as they receive mentorship throughout the college preparation and application process

Building Independent, Critical Thinkers

Aside from preparing students for the college admission process, R-MA fosters student growth through the acquisition of essential skills that will help students thrive once they arrive at their chosen college. As an advanced preparatory school, we provide students with the tools they need to become independent, critical thinkers that are unafraid to ask meaningful questions and challenge themselves.

Building positive study habits is one aspect of our comprehensive school experience that students benefit from while at R-MA and beyond. R-MA graduates, as our alumni continue to display, are both producers and consumers of knowledge. They are self-disciplined, academically and morally, and committed to self-improvement in and outside of the classroom. 

Supporting R-MA helps to foster independent critical thinkers who face academic challenges head-on

These values are instilled in students as they experience the environment on the R-MA campus that is committed to collaboration, accountability, and innovation. With the help of residence support staff, students create study habits and personal schedules that will stick with them through high school and into college.

Supporting R-MA’s Challenging Academic Curriculum

Your support contributes to R-MA’s rigorous academic programs that not only challenge students to apply themselves fully but also offer them the opportunity to explore different avenues. With over 15 Honors and Advanced Placement courses in Math, Science, English, and History, students have many options when it comes to choosing courses to expand their academic experience.

R-MA also offers advanced teaching and learning with over 10 Dual-Enrolled classes with James Madison University, Shenandoah University, and Lord Fairfax Community College. Exploring advanced courses and earning college credits sets students up for the level of difficulty they will find in college while giving them a head start on their academic program. At R-MA, students have every chance to achieve their goals while looking toward a future in which they can thrive.

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