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Thinking of Giving Back to R-MA? 3 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Alma Mater

Our experiences throughout the years shape us into the people we are today. Many Randolph-Macon Academy alumni attribute their immense growth as young adults to their time at the Academy, where they spent countless hours amongst their peers, learning to become leaders of character.

It’s important for our alumni to stay connected with R-MA as the years go on. This connection helps our alumni continue to foster the environment that shaped them into the adults that they are today, while also supporting the growth of our current students. Discover below how you can stay connected if you’re considering giving back to R-MA. 

Attend Our Alumni Events

One of the best ways to stay connected is to attend our alumni events! Alumni from near and far come together to reminisce about their years at R-MA, while discovering ways they can continue to support our exceptional students.

Homecoming 2022 is scheduled for October 21 & 22, and details of the weekend and registration will soon be posted here. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming regional events across the country.

Support Randolph-Macon Academy Graduates

Staying connected with R-MA can come in many forms, and supporting Randolph-Macon Academy graduates is most definitely a valid option. Keeping up to date with the impressive successes of our students can help foster alumni relationships and maintain valuable connections between R-MA generations.

Supporting Randolph-Macon Academy graduates will help you stay connected to your Alma Mater

On our website, you can find a list of our Class of 2022 Accomplishments, highlighting the achievements students received due to their dedicated studies at R-MA. The Class of 2022 set a new record this year, earning over $16.6 million in scholarships, and R-MA boasted a 100% college acceptance rate for the 15th year in a row! In addition, all 10 Falcon Scholars earned appointments to the US Air Force Academy, and four seniors will be attending US service academies as well (including the US Air Force Academy, the US Naval Academy, and the US Military Academy West Point).

Follow Along with Our Curriculum and Facility Updates

Following along with the changes on our campus will help you stay connected to our school. For example, updates regarding the advancements to our Unmanned Systems Lab this year allowed us to bring new technology and opportunities to our talented students.

Keeping up to date with what we’re up to on campus provides another avenue for alumni to feel connected to R-MA

As the years go by, R-MA will continue to update its curriculum and facility standards to exceed student expectations and maintain our reputation as a leading U.S. college prep school. However, R-MA will always remain committed to using techniques of the U.S. military as an effective format for creating a strong, disciplined, uniform student body determined to succeed. 

Interested in giving back to R-MA?

Contact Randolph-Macon Academy for more information!