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Thinking About University Applications? 3 Steps You Can Take at Our College Prep School

Today, students are doing more and more to stay on track with their studies and stand out in their university applications. At Randolph-Macon Academy, we have a strong Going-to-College Culture, helping students build their academic profiles from the start of their Middle School years. With a 100% college acceptance rate year after year, and an average of $12 million in scholarship offers each year, R-MA students know how to shine on their college applications. 

This wouldn’t be possible without rigorous planning from R-MA faculty members who prioritize the success of each student. With an emphasis on each student’s unique strengths and abilities, college planning is always personalized to ensure students are happy with their chosen universities. Continue reading to discover how the R-MA team helps students embrace the university application process and gain acceptance to their dream school.

1. Meet With Our College Prep School Advisors

Starting in Grade 9, students begin meeting with R-MA’s College Counselor in January  to begin the college counseling process.  These meetings will reflect on a student’s self discovery of their interests and talents through the administration of multiple career surveys that help guide them as they begin the decision making process.  Students will also learn how to understand their academic, co-curricular and social match when exploring their best fit for a post-secondary education.   We encourage students and parents to meet with our College Counselor, throughout the student’s academic journey at R-MA.  This will ensure that students and parents find the best academic, social and financial fit for a college or university.

Working closely with the college counselor at our college prep school, students take the time to think about and decide on their college aspirations, the appropriate curriculum needed for their desired career pathways, how to prepare for college entrance exams, and more.  As students move through Upper School, their ideas and views may change, which should always be communicated to our College Counselor so they may adjust their plans accordingly.

Planning with advisors keeps students on track throughout their time at R-MA.

2. Finalize Your Extracurricular Commitments

Extracurricular activities are an important factor to consider for your university applications. While it is important to remain active in your school and the wider community, we recommend finding extracurricular activities that you are truly passionate about. Your dedicated involvement will fit in seamlessly alongside your academic studies, without feeling like an added burden.

While being “well-rounded” may be an asset, college admissions officers also enjoy seeing a student’s commitment to their interests. These students are seen as specialists in their field and can be commended for their dedication. For example, if a student is looking to pursue music, then extracurricular activities including band, volunteering with youth musicians, and attending a wide range of competitions may boost their application and prove their passion for the craft. While at our college preparatory school, we strongly recommend students find the extracurriculars that spark their willingness to engage–and even create their own clubs to meet that passion!

Our college prep school students start planning early so they feel confident and ready for their applications.

3. Explore Financial Aid Options for Your Unique Situation

It can be hard to understand the realm of finances as a secondary school student, but even so, finances should not be overlooked. While ensuring that you have a sound personal financial plan in place, it is also a good idea to look into what financial offers and assistance may be available as well.

At R-MA, we make sure to build a College Readiness Plan that emphasizes the best academic, social, and financial fit for post-secondary school for students and their families. Setting up financial expectations early can help students understand their commitments and what they mean for their futures. On top of detailed planning, extracurricular involvement, and financial considerations, R-MA students shine on their college applications with the level of responsibility, leadership, and academic success they visibly achieve during their time with us.

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