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The Value of Drone Applications at Our Coed Private School

Students at Randolph-Macon Academy are privileged to have access to a Drone and Aviation program that is unlike any other high school program in the country. Our prep school is committed to providing the most innovative and exceptional programs possible for our students. This way, they have all of the resources they need to succeed through middle and high school as well as when they venture into college. 

The drone applications at R-MA are a great way for students to get their feet wet with access to drone simulations and real-time flying. The Unmanned Systems Lab serves as the base for all things drone-related and is updated as needed to ensure the best programs and equipment are available for student learning. Continue reading to discover more about this program and the value it provides our students.

Unlocking New Opportunities for Prep School Students

When students arrive at R-MA, many of them aren’t even aware of how far their studies can take them, even during their high school years. The Upper School Pre-Professional pathways program in Aviation gives students the chance to fly R-MA airplanes and drones under the supervision of flight expert instructors. Students can take their goals and dreams to new heights as they explore a possible career option for their futures.

This Aviation Pre-Professional Pathway requires students to take a select few courses, including Drone Applications I & II, Ground School, Exploring Aviation, Physics, and more. Opening up our prep school students’ minds to the possibilities that lie ahead of them helps give students a valuable perspective on their futures as they pursue a field of study that they are passionate about.

The Drone Applications class assisted local organizations such as the Economic Development Authority and the Smithsonian Biology Conservation Institute.
The unique drone programs at our prep school help students view their futures with a new perspective on all of the opportunities awaiting them.

A Taste of the Aviation and Aerospace Industries

The Aviation program at R-MA immerses students into a field of study that can prepare them for specialized programs once they graduate and head off to college. With rapidly growing aviation and aerospace industries, the need for qualified pilots and professionals proves to be consistent and expected for the foreseeable future. R-MA is often a top choice for students, particularly because of this Aviation program that sets students apart as they move on to apply for college acceptance. Our coed private school is proud to be able to offer this opportunity to students in such formative years, helping them set their sights on bright futures.

The Unmanned Aviation Systems lab at R-MA is a nationally recognized drone application program that helps students explore the fundamentals of several industries, including cinematography and TV/film, agriculture, emergency response and management, engineering and construction, and more. The doors that open for students who participate in this program offer value in their academic and professional lives for years to come.

The Unmanned Systems Lab keeps updated equipment for students to learn on.

Gaining Experience with Field Work in High School

Students in our Drone Applications courses get first-hand, practical experience with fieldwork. This is a rare yet so valuable opportunity for students in high school to get to take part in seeing how their knowledge and skills can directly impact the world around them. Various field trips and community projects allow students to put their minds and skills to good use as they implement their ideas in real-time. The Pre-Professional Pathway in Aviation combines a selection of elective courses, guest speakers, field trips, internship opportunities, and extensive opportunities for field research using unmanned aerial systems, culminating in a senior-year capstone project. As students reach their goals in the various drone and flight programs at R-MA, they gain self-confidence, self-esteem and broaden their career options. 

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