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How the Technology Department at Our Day and Boarding School Prepares Students for Success

In our modern world, technological literacy is essential for students and workers. As a college prep school, we are committed to ensuring our students graduate with the competencies they’ll need to succeed in the real world. R-MA provides students access to current software tools and devices to foster technological literacy. 

Our technology department has a proven track record of providing consistently secure access to the preparation tools any student may require for future success. For example, in 2020, we successfully delivered our students with a seamless transition into remote learning without compromising their academic progress. Keep reading to learn more about the technology department and how we prepare our students for success. 

R-MA Students Receive Apple Macbooks for Their Learning

Thanks to our Apple 1:1 program, staff and students at R-MA receive an Apple Macbook. This ensures everyone can access the software tools, school resources, and sites necessary to optimize their learning. The following software tools are pre-installed on our students’ laptops: 

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Full Suite
  • Coding HS (Coding and Computer Science)
  • SmartMusic
  • JSTOR (research resources, peer-reviewed journals, and articles)
  • Gale Resources (scholarly resources for research)
  • Apple Mac OS Apps

Thanks to campus-wide Wi-Fi deployment, students can stay connected wherever they are – be it their dorms and interior common areas. Students widely use Apple Macbooks due to their durable design, software security, and battery life. At our day and boarding school, students get plenty of practice using cutting-edge technology, gaining the technological skills that colleges expect.

2 day and boarding school students using laptops as they sit next to one another in class
The technology department enriches learning at our day and boarding school.

Internet Safety Is a Priority at Our Day and Boarding School

Though the internet is an essential tool, at R-MA, we acknowledge the risks associated with its use. We ensure internet safety by arming each academy-owned laptop and desktop with Smoothwall Firewall and content filtering software. Malware is a growing concern that can disable student devices and interrupt their learning. For this reason, semantic malware and virus protection are preinstalled on laptops. Our emphasis on self-discipline, responsibility, and ethics helps students to use the internet wisely.

A day and boarding school student holding a laptop in the school hallway
The technology department at our day and boarding school promotes safe and secure surfing.

Routine Maintenance Ensures That Learning Is Not Interrupted

Technical issues can be a frustrating inconvenience when there are lessons to learn and assignments due. For this reason, the technology department at our college prep school proactively ensures that students always have access to the necessary tools through device maintenance. 

All students are instructed on device protection, presenting the perfect opportunity to exercise independence and responsibility. For convenience, each device is regularly updated remotely by the IT department. To ensure that each laptop is in solid working condition, yearly inspections determine which devices need replacement. R-MA students are primed to optimize their learning and refine their tech skills, thanks to the work of our technology department. 

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