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Pursuing College Readiness? The Role Of The Character & Leadership Development Program At Our College Prep School

As a preparatory school at R-MA, we understand that college is a different ball game than high school. From an academic, social, and personal perspective, college presents new challenges, but our students leave fully prepared to take them on. R-MA boasts a 100% college acceptance rate, but we instill the academic, social, and intrapersonal skills that students utilize into their college years and throughout their lives. Keep reading to discover how we promote college readiness and the role our Character & Leadership Development Program plays. 

What Does College Readiness Look Like?

Being college-ready involves more than achieving the necessary grades required. Students must develop a broad range of soft skills to reach their full potential and get the most out of their college experience. For example, resilience will help them deal with the challenges they’ll inevitably face in a more demanding, adult-oriented learning environment. Leadership skills help students to be proactive in their studies and their careers. Self-discipline facilitates wise and ethical decision-making amidst many distractions.

A trio of smiling college prep school students standing on a stage together during a presentation.
Our college prep school prioritizes both academic excellence and character development.

The R-MA curriculum prioritizes academic excellence and character building to ensure our students have the well-rounded skill set to thrive in high-pressure academic and career situations. Our college prep school has many provisions to support students’ transitions into a new, exciting phase of life. 

How Our College Prep School Gets Students Accepted to Their Dream Schools

The upper years of high school are a crucial time for decision-making. For this reason, we provide plenty of avenues for students to weigh their options before choosing the right school and major that aligns with their goals. For example, starting in grade 9, the College Readiness Program provides individualized college planning. Students can also access college fairs, tours, and entrance exam preparation. 

R-MA provides numerous opportunities for students to explore career options during J-term, various clubs, and through the introduction of pre-professional pathways. Once accepted into college, the competencies students develop during their time with us will help them develop into strong, capable, and well-adjusted individuals. Our Character & Leadership Development Program plays a crucial role in this.

Two college prep students working on an aviation project in a classroom with a balloon.
Our college prep school exposes students to the support needed for success in college.

The Role of the Character & Leadership Development Program in College Readiness

The Character & Leadership Development Program focuses on experiential learning and instills competencies that cannot be learned within a classroom environment. Subjects include self-discipline, holistic health, emotional resilience, the military code of conduct, drill and etiquette, leadership, and ethical decision-making. 

All CLDP lessons promote positive character development, producing distinguished individuals who stand out to college admissions officers among the many applications they receive Four times a week, students in the CLDP join their units to take mandatory, for-credit classes. They help students develop and practice their leadership, mentorship, and collaborative skills – all competencies that will set them up for success in college and beyond. 

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