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The Best, Top, Premier, #1, First-Class, World-Class, Most Amazing Military Boarding Private School Ever

Superlatives in advertising are nothing new, and private schools use them just as much as some of the major brands. But if you have the “number one” private school in the same state as “the premier” private school, which one is better?  How are they ranking themselves? What criteria are they using?

The funny thing is that these schools aren’t intending to exaggerate. We all love our schools and believe in what we do and what we stand for. And we at Randolph-Macon Academy are no different in that respect. We tend to think OUR school is the best. Our college acceptance rate and scholarships rock the house every year. We have really good students here who turn into great leaders and go on to do wonderful things. We have caring teachers who devote themselves, without reservation, to the success of our students.  (I’ll stop there or you might stop reading…)Randolph-Macon Academy

So who’s telling the truth? How do you know who is truly the best, top, or premier private school? Here’s what you as a prospective parent or student need to do to figure this out: Ignore the slick marketing. Ignore the verbose prose, the superior superlatives, the catchy slogans. Don’t even give too much attention to the gorgeous web site or the overly active social media channels. Those are all good resources, but for the most part they show only what the school wants you to see. They are the appetizer, there just to give you a taste of the school, and you can’t fill up on that information and make your decision on those alone.

Instead, go to the school. Tour every building. Talk to teachers, to staff, to students, to parents. Get a feel for the culture of the school, for its mission and vision, for the cohesiveness of the student body and the passion of the teachers. Students should spend a day in class or even overnight. Then make your decision.

Because here’s the unadulterated bare-bones truth: There is no private school that is number one. There is no school that is the best, premier, first-class, world-class, most amazing, or any other adjective you can think of. There is only the best match between a school and your child. It takes work to find it, but in the end, it is worth it. Because when there is a match, then that school is the best, premier, first-class, #1, world-class, most amazing military/boarding/private school…for your child.

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