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The Benefits of Wearing a Uniform

OK, I know what some of you might be thinking: “A uniform?? What could possibly be good about wearing a uniform?” And while everyone is absolutely allowed their own opinion, I’m offering up my two cents on why wearing a uniform is actually kind of awesome. 

I grew up outside of Atlanta, GA and when it came time for my parents to enroll me in kindergarten they looked at their options and decided that a private school education would be the best fit for us.   I wound up attending private school from kindergarten through 12th grade. That’s 13 years and three schools’ worth of uniforms. Trust me, I understand the uniform life. I grew up in a sea of plaid and knee-highs and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The ease of getting ready for school in the morning that goes along with wearing a uniform is reason alone to love uniforms. Do you realize how much more sleep you can get when you don’t have to try to find something to wear in the morning? It becomes automatic: I’ve got my skirt, my oxford shirt, socks, and shoes. Done. How mindless is that? (It’s especially beneficial at a time in the day when your brain is still trying to adjust to being alert.) As studies have shown, teenagers are the members of society who really need the most sleep but oftentimes wind up being the most sleep deprived. Isn’t something that helps you get a little bit more shut-eye something to consider?

Another huge benefit to a uniform is that everyone does look the same. High school can be a rough enough time for a lot of people but if you are worried about having all of the newest and nicest (and oftentimes expensive) clothes it’s just another stressor.  In an economy like ours, it can be difficult to afford new clothes every season but wearing a uniform where you wear the same thing every day eliminates that issue. Which leads me to another point, you really wind up saving money in the long run wearing a uniform. After the initial investment, you don’t have to buy new clothes with the changing of each season or even year (so long as you can still fit into the uniforms you have).

I even have days now where I wish I still wore a uniform because then I wouldn’t be standing in front of my closet every morning desperately trying to pick out something to wear for work! Maybe I’m crazy but maybe I’ve helped shed some light to some of the real benefits of wearing a uniform. Keep an open mind; it’s really not as bad as you might think!