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The 6 Stages of Exams

Most people have heard of the Six Stages of Grief but have you ever heard of the Six Stages of Exams?

By Jonathan Pederson '15

Wait, what? Exams are how far away?

1. Shock 
This stage is what most students feel about two weeks before exams.  We just got back from Christmas break, and, Wow! How can exams be just two weeks away?

(Photo by Amy Go.) 


Hiding from exams won't make them go away!2. Denial
This is the stage we enter into by the end of the first week back from break. We know exams are on our way, but maybe if we just ignore them, they won’t notice us. We might even be able to sneak past them!




3. AngerStudents who wait too long to begin studying for exams often get angry at the fact that they have exams!
This is the stage we felt at the start of this week. Last week before exams, it must be review week. Wait, NO!?! What do you mean we have more new material to cover? Why aren’t we allowed to have an entire week dedicated to review? My demands aren’t unreasonable!


4. Bargaining
We felt this stage the last two days. We realize that it is too late to ignore the problem; we have to just put it on the table. If we have the right excuse, maybe we can convince the teacher to postpone it; or even better, just make it a participation grade. (Video by Alice Gong.) 


Friday night, and the prospect of a weekend of nothing but studying ahead? Sigh. 5. Depression
This is the stage we will feel right before taking the exams, especially on Sunday night, with a full week of exams ahead. Why didn't I start studying earlier? I’m going to fail at least two of them! I’m never going to remember all this! 

(Photo by Emily Chow.)


Exams--don't worry, be happy! You'll get through it!6. Acceptance
This is the stage we will feel during exams. We’re in the midst of it, might as well just grit our teeth and get it over with. We will feel better after getting the grade from the first exam!



Good luck on exams!