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The 2nd Annual Middle School RYLA

The world's second annual Middle School RYLA began with a nice morning walk, bringing attention to Juvenile Diabetes.  Students learned that an artificial pancreas has been developed, in hopes of helping those afflicted with type one diabetes.

After the walk, and some delicious sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A, Interactors headed over to Rockland Park, where they broke up into different teams for a fun nine holes of Frisbee / Disc Golf, followed by some fun on the park's playground, where one of our Interactors met an even smaller future Interactor, and quickly became a Big Brother.

After a short drive back to Randolph-Macon Academy, Beth Iden and her husband spoke to the Interactors about the Liberian Orphange Educational Project (LOEP), and their tireless efforts to bring literacy and secondary education to war torn and stricken areas of Liberia.

Mrs. Iden spoke of how Rotarians, as well as Interactors from the Interact Clubs of Warren County Middle School (sponsored by The Front Royal Rotary Club) and Randolph-Macon Academy Middle School (sponsored by The Rotary Clubs of Warren County), have contributed hundreds of books, as well as classroom supplies, in order to help the children in the orphanages served by Mrs. Iden and her husband, and cultivate their hopes of literacy and secondary education.

After this, some free time playing basketball and four square, and some delicious treats, prepared and purchased by The Rotary Club of Warren County, Mr. Bob Meadows presented his ever popular "True Colours" personality workshop, where Interactors learned where their specific character traits traditionally fall, within (and apart) of societal norms.  Students learned how to love and celebrate who they are, how to use their traits to affect the world for the better, and how to appreciate and celebrate those who are blessed with different personality types.

The day ended with a fun and delicious pizza and chicken tender dinner buffet.

A total of 36 middle school students participated in this year's Middle School RYLA.  Participating clubs were the Interact Club of Randolph-Macon Academy Middle School, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Warren County, Virginia, and The Interact Club at Warren County Middle School, sponsored by The Rotary Club of Front Royal, Virginia. Both clubs are part of Area One of Rotary District 7570.