10 Tips for Writing a Boarding School Application Essay

Ten tips for writing an essay for your boarding school application.That boarding school admissions deadline is looming, and the most intimidating part is…the dreaded essay. We asked our admission counselors to give us some tips on ways you can make your essay stand out. 

  1. Write with passion and honesty. Make sure the subject you choose to write about is one you are truly interested in or passionate about. Make sure it is something you believe in.
  2. Before writing your essay think about what you are going to write, outline it and organize it so that it flows correctly and make a strong statement. 
  3. Use your writing style and let the reader really get to know your personality from the essay.
  4. Spend time to construct a well-written essay. Make sure that you are using good grammar and proper punctuation. Don’t forget to use spell check, but also proof your essay to make sure the words you want are the words written. For example, did spell check give you “sense” when you meant “since?”
  5. Get into some detail. You really want the reader to feel your descriptions.
  6. At the same time, don’t go overboard on the descriptions! Be concise and stick to the requested word limit, if one is provided.
  7. If you are writing about the school to which you are applying you should probably get the name correct. That might sound funny, but if you’re using a similar essay for multiple schools, it can be easy to miss changing the name!
  8. If you write the essay after your tour and/or interview, write about something specific that happened during your visit to the boarding school.
  9. Make sure it is typed with good spacing (1.5 or double). 
  10. Proof, proof, proof. Proofread your boarding school application essay yourself, then have someone else proofread it.