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Tell Me More About: The United States Military JROTC Programs


An Explanation of the JROTC program (in 250 words or less) 

What does JROTC stand for? This is an acronym for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

What is a JROTC program? A JROTC program helps high school students learn self-discipline, self-awareness, and respect for themselves and others.  The program allows students interested in eventually joining the military a “head start” towards joining an ROTC program. The ROTC program has specific tracks for each major branch of the military, and the program is offered in thousands of colleges and universities throughout the country.  

Which military branches offer a JROTC program? The five major branches of the military offer a JROTC program or a comparable program.  The Coast Guard does not have a JROTC program; instead they offer a Student Reserve Program.

Why should I join? How would it help me in the future? Aside from the personal benefits you can receive from a JROTC program– including tips on finances and physical health– you can also earn scholarship money for college. If you are interested in joining the military, there’s no better advantage to getting into a coveted ROTC program or military academy than having completed a JROTC program.

Who offers the program?  According to the U.S. Department of Defense, there are approximately 3,000 schools nationwide that offer a JROTC program. For information on specific JROTC programs, visit: