Summer School Classes Still Available for Registration

Time is running out if you are interested in registering for summer school classes! Most of our classes still have space available, but registration day is this Sunday, June 29, 2014, and this is the last week that we will be accepting applications and their supporting documents. Get your application in TODAY and get your current school to send transcripts and the teacher recommendation in by Thursday afternoon. Summer school is a great opportunity for your student to either get a jump start on courses for next year or to replace some not-so-awesome grades from this past year.  So check out the courses available and see what would work best for your student! 

Full-Day Core Courses
English 10
English 11
US History
Algebra I
Comparative Religions

Students taking these courses will receive a full high school credit upon successful completion of the course.

Half-Day Courses
(Repeat for Credit)
English 9       Algebra I
English 10     U.S. History
English 11     Algebra II
Biology          Pre-Calculus

English 8 and Pre-Algebra are also available as repeat, half-day courses, but do not supply high school credit. 

Personal Finance
Public Speaking
Computer Literacy
Study Skills
SAT Prep
Creative Writing Workshop

These are .5 elective credit, 1/2 day courses.  Check with your current school as to whether these courses will be accepted for credit. 


Don’t forget, we need to have all of the following before we can move a file along to the Admission Committee: 

•    Application: This can be submitted electronically on our website at There will be a $75 one-time application fee that can be paid by credit card when you get to the final page of the online application. 

•    Proof of Identity: Copy of birth certificate and/or passport and a current photo.

•    School Records: To include transcripts, standardized test scores, conduct record, and other applicable school information.  

•    Recommendation: One letter of recommendation is required. The recommendation form may be returned to us via email, fax, or postal mail. 

•    Interview: It is helpful to have a completed application before we conduct the interview. We recommend an in-person interview where we can also have the opportunity to give you and your family a tour of campus. A phone or Skype interview may be arranged if you are unable to visit in-person.