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Summer Flight Training by William Camp ’12

On my flight, I flew in the practice area and did some pattern work in Winchester. I reviewed emergency procedures in preparation for my Check Ride. I knew the procedures for the Wing Fire, Engine Fire During Flight, and the Electrical Fire pretty well but I need to review the Engine Fire During Flight. I need to remember to tell my passengers to put their seats in the upright position, put on seatbelts, open the doors, and exit the plane as quickly as possible when we touch down.

I also practiced Short and Soft Field Landings. I had problems with floating during the Soft-Field Landing so Ms. Abraham decided it would probably be better for me to leave out the power until I touched down. During Short-Field Landings, I always worry that I might get too low and land short of the runway. I recognize that it is an irrational fear but I have it nonetheless. I need to ignore fear and focus on landing on the numbers. I am pretty confident in my Short and Soft-Field Take Offs, because I seemed to have the down pretty well.

I am somewhat nervous about taking my written exam on Thursday; I keep worrying that I will fail it. Ms. Abraham and I had our first Oral Exam Prep last night and I think that it helped me a lot. The Oral Exam Prep also covers much of what is on the Written Test so it is taking some of the worry off of me.

I am flying again today as soon as we get back from the feild trip to ProJet Aviation. I hope to get my Short and Soft Field Landings down so I can be more confident coming into my Check Ride next Monday. I am sure that I will be very nervous Monday morning but right now it seems like a year away, almost as if I refuse to acknowledge its seriousness. I hope I can pull everything together and get out of here with my Private Pilot License on Monday!