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Students to compete in Regional Science Fair

The Randolph-Macon Academy Science Fairs in both the Middle School and the Upper School were held on February 10, 2016. Ten middle school students and eight upper school students received honors high enough to earn them a chance to go on to compete at the Regional Science Fair in Harrisonburg, VA at James Madison University on March 8, 2016. 

In the Middle School Science Fair, the winners were:

  • 1st place: Will Graham ’20, “The Greenhouse Effect” (Plant growth factoring in the greenhouse effect)
  • 2nd place (tie): Michael Sumner ’20, “Helping Hand in Solving Crime” (Fingerprints and crime scene investigations)
    Jonathan Bunker ’20, “To Kill a Germ” (Bacterial growth and disinfectants)
  • 3rd place: Autumn Thomas ’21, “Equine Emotions” (How the emotions of a horse impact its stride, gait, and responsiveness)

Honorable Mention:

  • Laurence Carvana ’20, “Does Exercise Effect Memory” (The effect of exercise on memory)
  • Jessalyn Brooks ’21, “Nailed It” (Corroding nails with soda)
  • Haley Clingerman ’21, “Exceptional Equitation” (The physics of horseback riding)
  • Ben Kopjanski ’20, “Orange Juice: The Electrolyte Interception” (Electrolytes in beverages)
  • John Clark ’20, “The Strength of an Electromagnet" (Electromagnet strength)
  • Alex Self ’22, “Distillation of Water” (Water distillation)

At the Upper School Science Fair, the winners were:

  • 1st place: Jabril El-Amin ’19, “Heat” (Runners and heat stroke)
  • 2nd place: Ian Mounts ’19, “Where Did It Go” (Weather and evaporation)
  • 3rd place: Sarah Ponn ’19, “Seeing Spots” (Humans’ ability to decipher numbers from patterns)

Honorable Mention:

  • Taeho Joung ’18, “Which Is More Efficient: to Take Glucose Tablets or Honey?” (Cellular respiration of yeast)
  • Jacob Karen ’19, “Rockin’ Around the Petri Dish” (The effect of music on bacterial growth)
  • Austin Fridenberg ’18, “Can a Watermelon Power a Phone?” (Watermelon cell phone charger)
  • Christian Lesko ’19, “Rebuilding America's Bridges” (Strength of America’s bridges)
  • Nathan Stewart ’19, “A Study Between the Relations of Vegetation and Insects” (Insecticidal plants)