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Spring Athletic Awards

Coaches’ Award:  John Camarella ’15, Jeremiah Hixson ‘16
Most Improved: Sopreye Eke-Spiff ‘17

Most Valuable Player: Brook D. Blair ‘14
Most Improved: Garrett Cavanaugh ‘14
Unsung Hero: Benjamin Gillis ‘14

Middle School Flag Football
Most Valuable Player: Stanley Richards, Jr.  ‘19
Coaches’ Award: Citlaly Sosa ‘20
Most Improved: John Ryan Backo ‘18

Middle School Tennis 
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Latham ‘18
Coaches’ Award: Jordan Walendom ‘19
Most Improved: Ruoyu Tian ‘18

Middle School Track
Most Valuable Player: Zuorui Jin ‘18
Coaches’ Award: Hanyu Liu ‘18
Most Improved: Jonathan Gerard Bunker ‘20


Most Valuable Player: Xel Ochoa ‘15
Coaches’ Award: Amy Gray ‘15
Most Improved: Phuong Pham ‘15

Most Valuable Player: Kelli Amner Hutcheson ‘14
Coaches’ Award: Regina Song ‘14
Most Improved: Louisa Stanwich ‘14

Coaches’ Award: Abdulaziz Al Jasser ‘17
Most Improved: Edwin Ikhinmwin ‘17

Track and Field
Most Valuable Player: Markeesha Gibson ‘14
Troy White ‘14
Coaches’ Award: Uzoamaka Njoku ’14, Ryan Zech ‘14
Most Improved: Jessica Neupane ’15, Danny Scarzello ‘16


John Camarella ’15, Jonathan Moore ’14, Ixel Ochoa ’15, Natalie Pendie ’15, and Kelli Amner Hutcheson ’14 were named to the First Team All Conference in the Delaney Athletic Conference.

Peter B. Blair ’16 was named to the Second Team All Conference in the Delaney Athletic Conference.

Douglas Brennand ’15, Joseph P. Monastero ’16, Garrett Cavanaugh ’14, Austin Lee ’15, Slayton Speer ’15, and Mackenzie Julia Norton ’17 received Honorable Mention to the Delaney Athletic Conference. 

Brook D. Blair ’14 was nominated Player of the Year in the Delaney Athletic Conference.