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How The Character & Leadership Development Program Puts R-MA Students On The Path To Future Success

The Character & Leadership Development Program at R-MA is designed to provide our students with a quality military education. We strive to prepare students for various rewarding, prestigious pre-professional career pathways and college acceptance. We also produce strong, ethical graduates who will make a positive impact throughout their careers and everyday lives. 

The Character & Leadership Development Program focuses on themes that prepare our students to thrive in military settings or any career path they choose. These include self-discipline, holistic health and fitness, resilience,  citizenship, drill and etiquette, teamwork, leadership, and more. Cadets in this program will attend mandatory for-credit classes four times each week with their unit. Cadets will follow four tracks weekly: Code of Conduct, Military Courtesy and Drill, Physical Fitness and Wellness, GPS for SUCCESS, and Principles of Leadership. Keep reading to discover how this unique military program prepares our students for future success. 

The CLDP Promotes Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is one of the most essential components of a student’s ability to achieve their goals. It enables them to make decisions about what they want and to have the ability to delay gratification and persevere through challenges to attain their objective. 

At R-MA, we understand the connection between social responsibility and self-discipline and use every opportunity to instill a sense of duty and honor into students. How so? R-MA students must adhere to a code of conduct and use a personal roadmap that ensures accountability. They learn about military traditions, military courtesy, and why they matter.

A group of R-MA students performing drills outside.
R-MA students in the CLDP learn social responsibility and self-discipline.

R-MA Students Learn Applied and Adaptive Leadership

Students at our private school are encouraged to develop the skills necessary for meaningful leadership in their post-secondary education and throughout their careers. They progress through the CLDP with their unit instead of their class year enabling them to interact regularly within a tight-knit group and develop interpersonal skills such as standard objective setting, group cohesion, mentorship, and leadership. When students learn the importance of strong fellowship skills, they gain a significant advantage in attaining leadership positions in the future. Cadets are introduced to essential leadership principles such as navigating change, creating a positive team culture, and navigating moral dilemmas.

An R-MA student in uniform standing outside in front of his fellow students.
The Character & Leadership Development Program teaches R-MA students how to take the lead.

The ClLDP Encourages Health and Fitness

The Character & Leadership Development Program helps students develop the level of physical fitness they need to be accepted into various military career pathways. However, our commitment to holistic health ensures that students also have the tools to understand the fundamentals of nutrition, develop emotional resilience, and know how to respond to medical emergencies. The CDLP GPS for SUCCESS aims to bolster our students’ focus on the things that will help them attain their dreams and remain substance-free, which will benefit their long-term physical and mental health. 

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