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Finding the Right College and Career After Graduating from Our Preparatory School

Knowing which college to go to and what career to choose after high school may be intimidating at first, but keeping an open mindset is a good starting point. Students need to explore their options in order to find the right fit for them. At Randolph-Macon Academy, you are given the tools and opportunities to explore your interests, discover new talents, and grow as accomplished individuals.

Our dedicated teachers support our young cadets as they determine their next steps after graduation, ensuring that each student is poised to start a future they’re excited about. Read on to learn how our preparatory school enables you to find the right college and kick-start your personal and professional development!

1. Discover New Interests by Exploring Our Wide Range of Courses

Randolph-Macon Academy boasts an impressive academic curriculum that allows students to explore their interests and try new things. This is an excellent way for students to learn more about themselves and what they enjoy studying and doing. Some may discover a hidden passion for the sciences, while others may decide to pursue a career in the visual and performing arts. Our programs give our students a chance to try both sides and explore even more options—taking courses in world languages, robotics, aviation, and more.

At R-MA, you’ll benefit from participating in a student club. This allows you to go beyond academics and give something new a try. As you gain more experience, you’ll be better able to identify potential colleges and careers, discovering the right fit for you.

Students at R-MA preparatory school use technology in a drone class.
Students at our preparatory school can learn new skills and uncover new passions through our broad range of courses.

2. Receive Valuable Support through Mentorship at Our Preparatory School

A big part of knowing where you want to go and what you want to do after graduation is being supported throughout your schooling. The support and guidance you receive from your teachers and mentors can help you promptly identify your next steps while giving you the confidence and insight you need to make better-informed decisions.

College counselors and mentors at our private high school are dedicated to your success. R-MA has a unique mentorship program that assigns each student to a faculty or staff member who is instrumental in that student’s growth.  Mentors advocate for students and coordinate their students’ class schedules for the upcoming year. Sessions with them provide students with valuable insight and knowledge that can shape their future and guide them toward finding the right college and career for themselves.

3. Chart Your Path toward the Perfect College with Our College Readiness Plan

R-MA’s College Counseling Mission is focused on helping students find the best college or university for them—academically, socially, and financially. This includes discussing college aspirations as well as ideal curriculums with academic counselors to ensure each student follows the right academic pathway through university admission.

R-MA college counselor works with a student to reach academic and professional goals.
Our dedicated college counselors work with students to help them identify the right college and career path.

Through these efforts, students at our private boarding school in Virginia can gain valuable support and better prepare for their future. This allows them to discuss their professional interests and academic goals to confidently decide their next steps and zero in on their ideal college and major—choosing the field that best suits their character and skill set.

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