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Questions to Ask at an Open House

Open Houses are a great way to learn more about a prospective school. Many schools offer open houses throughout the year. Here at Randolph-Macon Academy, we offer one each month from October through July

While every open house is different, it is common to have a question and answer section. Below are some questions that are typically covered during an open house—but if they aren’t, our admission officers recommend you ask them during the Q&A:

Admission Questions

What is the admissions process like?

Does my child need to interview?

Do you offer shadow days?

When is the best time to apply?

Do you offer rolling admissions?

What is the financial aid process like?


Academic Questions

What is the average class size?

What extracurricular opportunities are available?

How many AP classes do you offer?

What sports can my child participate in?

What is the structure of study hall?


Residential Life Questions

What are your school’s safety measures?

How do you handle discipline issues?

What is a typical day like?

What do students do on the weekends?

When can I contact my child?

Who can my student talk to if they are struggling academically, socially or emotionally?

Can my child select their roommate?