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Providing Quality Facilities for Students by Giving Back to R-MA

Committed to providing students with a challenging learning experience, R-MA embraces innovation and continues to optimize its programs and facilities to cater to students’ interests. R-MA’s campus is designed to promote students’ growth and development—giving them access to the tools and training they need to become successful young adults.   

Our state-of-the art facilities complement our innovative academic programs, allowing students to fully explore their interests and challenge themselves throughout their learning journey. In this way, they become better prepared to excel in their future studies and pursue their dream careers. 

Promoting Creativity and Academic Growth at the Hadeed Innovation Wing 

Innovation and academic growth are key aspects of an R-MA education. The Hadeed Innovation Wing in Stan Fulton Hall is a great example of this, giving students access to a dedicated space where they can actively engage in the learning process. Here, our cadets can apply their creativity in graphic design and studio art—making full use of a wide range of tools and equipment, including CAD software, the Adobe Suite, a 3D printer, and a laser cutter.

The Hadeed Innovation Wing also enables students to explore their curiosity and practice new skills in software and engineering. This allows them to study important concepts like robotics, programming, coding, and more. By establishing facilities that encourage academic exploration and growth, we can help support our students throughout their journey to becoming confident and accomplished individuals. 

Nurturing Students’ Passion for Learning by Giving Back to R-MA 

R-MA facilities are designed to help students pursue their passions. Students eager to learn more about flight and aeronautics can take advantage of R-MA’s flight lab, where they can gain hands-on experience flying airplanes (school-owned Cessna 172s) and drones. 

They can also practice at R-MA’s Innovation Wing, which includes simulation labs for drones and flight. The Redbird TD flight simulator is certified by the FAA, and can be used to help students accumulate enough hours for the private pilot certification. It also allows instructors to remotely control weather conditions or simulate malfunctions to test student pilots. 

With alumni support, we can continue providing our young cadets with the latest technology

Supporting Student Growth at the Betty and Dave Moore ‘53 Enterprise and Leadership Lab

Following the success of the Hadeed Lab, R-MA has built a second lab in the renovated Garth Payne ’34 and Helen Cooper Payne Library. With the addition of the Betty and David Moore ’53 Enterprise and Leadership Lab (or the MELL), named in honor of an esteemed alumnus and his wife, the space has become a vibrant place for research and collaborative learning. 

Facilities like the MELL allow us to create engaging learning experiences for our young cadets

In this environment, students can develop their practical skills and discover new interests—cultivating a love of learning. The MELL has helped us transform an integral part of our campus into a central hub for student growth and development.  With your support, we will continue to upgrade our facilities to provide our cadets with cutting-edge technology and the latest resources for a high-quality education. 

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