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Providing Enriching Summer Programs When You Support R-MA

Summer time is perfect for adventure, growth, and exploration. With great plans for summer 2022, students can look forward to safe, engaging, and exciting programs whether they are in middle school or upper school.

In-person, on-campus summer programs offer an extension of the school year for one month between June 26 and July 22. During this month, students stay in R-MA dorms and continue to challenge themselves academically, socially, and personally. Continue reading to learn more about our exciting offerings this year!

Aviation Explorers Summer Program

One of our most popular summer programs is the Aviation Explorers program that is open to students in grades 9-12. This comprehensive program takes off with aircraft and simulator training taught by leading industry experts.

While building a strong college resume is important, students also get to explore a field of interest and expand their knowledge of aviation. They have the opportunity to complete the FAA remote pilot (drone) certification, and receive first-class instruction in the air and on the ground while discovering unlimited opportunities in aviation careers.

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Support R-MA by contributing to our ability to provide exciting programs such as the Aviation Explorers summer program

Support R-MA Middle School Summer Students

While the Aviation Explorers program is only offered for upper school students, middle school students also have plenty of options for the summer. Grades 6-8 summer programs offer dynamic and enriching experiences for students to explore a myriad of subjects designed to gauge intellectual curiosity and development.

No matter the age group, during the school year or over summer, students at R-MA benefit from our programs – creating confident, trustworthy critical thinkers who excel in a goal-oriented, team environment and want to use their talents to better the world. 

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R-MA offers enriching and fun middle school summer programs

High School Summer Course Offerings

Aside from the Aviation Explorers program, high school students may spend their summer program completing courses to receive transferable high school credits. Whether they want to free up space for new classes in the coming school year, or would like to repeat a course to improve their grade, upper school students can dedicate their time to enhancing their academic profile. 

A few course options include Geometry, United States History, Intro to Computer Science, World Religions, Algebra, ESL, and English. Daily courses, followed by evening free time, help students stay focused while still enjoying their experiences with their peers. With additional off-campus weekend trips, students can let loose and create memories with their friends.

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