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Pre-Professional Pathways: A Guide to Academic Innovation at R-MA

Academic innovation is an essential part of Randolph-Macon Academy’s programs, encouraging students to forge their own learning journey. The Pre-Professional Pathways Program at R-MA caters to students’ passions and career goals, equipping them with a solid foundation for their field. The knowledge and skills gained through their chosen Pathway prepare students for success throughout their learning journey, providing them with the tools and insights they need to further their studies and explore their potential. 

As a college prep school, R-MA can help students develop a competitive edge in the college admissions process. By participating in the Pre-Professional Pathways Program, students can showcase their drive and ambition as well as their curiosity and commitment. 

Each Pathway has its own set of required coursework, chosen specifically to help students build a well-rounded skill set for their field. In addition to elective coursework, students also benefit from experiential learning opportunities and mentorships with key faculty. While attending our coed private school, students can engage in this innovative learning process and shape their own future—designing a capstone project that reflects their interests and brings them closer to their academic goals.

[Infographic] Pre-Professional Pathways: A Guide to Academic Innovation at R-MA

1. Aviation Pathway

  • Providing students with experience and insight into aviation
  • Focusing on ground school and flying lessons
  • Completing a range of required courses, including Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Drone Applications 
  • Gaining experience through R-MA’s flight simulator
  • Learning from guest speakers and field trips
  • Exploring internship and field research opportunities
  • Completing a Senior Capstone Project

Fun Fact: The Aviation Pathway is specifically designed for students who love learning about aviation as well as flying.

2. Global Entrepreneurship Pathway

  • Building skills through various courses like AP Stats, Graphic Design, and Mathematics for Business
  • Studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Participating in workshops, conferences, and field trips
  • Attending the Shenandoah University Business Symposium
  • Gaining real-world experience through “Shark Tank”-like competitions
  • Networking with business experts
  • Completing a Senior Capstone Project

Fun Fact: Students who want to make a change in the world can benefit from the Global Entrepreneurship Pathway, learning how to become effective problem solvers and entrepreneurs.   

3. High Flight-Military Career Pathway

  • Gaining mentorships with retired senior military officer faculty/staff
  • Receiving prescribed academic advising 
  • Completing required courses in math, science, and language as well as taking computer science and Air Force JROTC 
  • Building an impactful portfolio 
  • Exploring the physical conditioning program
  • Attending leadership conferences and academy days
  • Earning scholarships for test prep and testing, travel,  and conference registration fees

Fun Fact: The High Flight-Military Career Pathway prepares students interested in attending a service academy or participating in ROTC in college.

4. Software & Engineering Pathway

  • Taking courses like Java Programming and Quantum Computing, Robotics and ROV Engineering, and Advanced Cyber Security
  • Improving and applying problem-solving, logic, communication, collaboration, and creativity
  • Attending workshops and conferences
  • Learning from field trips and guest speakers
  • Completing a Senior Capstone Project 

Fun Fact: Students in this pathway train to become innovative critical thinkers with the ability to create new technologies for the next generation.