Post Graduate Year at R-MA

A couple of weeks ago, we had a blog about the option of doing a post graduate year following graduation from high school. In it, we mentioned what the various types of programs were, what some of the benefits of taking a PG year were, and where you could find more information on them. As discussed, R-MA has a PG program as well and here are some more details about what we offer!

In order to be eligible as a postgraduate at Randolph-Macon Academy, you must have just completed your senior year of high school and you must not turn 21 before the end of the school year. Our program is geared for students who have officially graduated from high school but might not feel that they are prepared academically to immediately go into college. By attending R-MA, they will get a structured boarding school environment where they can focus on their academics and receive help from our college counselor to find the college that is the perfect fit for them. 

While enrolled in a PG year, students have the opportunity to retake courses to improve their grades or take courses they haven’t previously taken to advance them in various subjects. Many course options are considered dual enrolled, which means students could earn college credit while enrolled here. Unfortunately though, our PG’s cannot play sports due to the regulations of our athletic conference. They are, however, able to practice with the teams or assist in an advisory manner if the coach allows. 

We also have a special post-graduate program at R-MA specifically made for Falcon Scholars. The U.S. Air Force has an elite program called the Falcon Foundation; the Falcon Foundation’s mission “is to further the ability of exceptional young men and women to attend the United States Air Force Academy…” Scholarship recipients are selected by the Air Force Academy from students who have successfully obtained nominations to the Academy and who are fully qualified to attend but were not selected. Enrolling in this program allows students to spend a year between high school and the Air Force Academy working to prepare both academically and physically for the challenges of the Academy. 

There are many schools around the country that offer PG programs and there is sure to be one that offers exactly what you are looking for!


Extra information on PG programs:

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