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Portrait of an R-MA Graduate: A Look at the Qualities of Students at Our Prep School

There is something special to be said about Randolph-Macon Academy graduates, who become role models for the rest of the student body as well as the peers they encounter beyond R-MA. How they achieve this is through the thoughtful curation of an encouraging, uplifting, and structured environment at our school that helps students find their strengths in and out of the classroom. 

We are proud to have such an impact on our students as they navigate their futures, helping them figure out who they are as individuals and what they want to achieve for themselves and others. With a desire to make the most of every moment while working towards a bright future, students are able to excel beyond our expectations. Continue reading to discover some of the incredible qualities of our graduates and how they acquire these attributes.

Seeking to Contribute to the Betterment of Others

At R-MA, there is no shortage of sincerity. Students, faculty, and staff all come together to create a true family-like environment with support felt far and wide across campus. This is what sparks the desire in our students to continue to better themselves while also discovering how they can best serve others. 

Contributing to the betterment of others allows R-MA graduates to define what their place looks like beyond R-MA. With an overwhelming goal to build a brighter future for the world, R-MA graduates apply their experiences from our college preparatory school to their university years and beyond. 

Throughout the year, students are often found participating in meaningful service projects that help them connect to individuals in need in their local community and provide valuable support. Whether our graduates were able to lend their hands delivering flower bud vases to the Assisted Living homes or perform physical outdoor work at a local church, they were able to find true fulfillment in serving others.

college preparatory school
R-MA graduates proudly dedicate their skills to continuously bettering themselves and the people around them

Unafraid to Pose Meaningful Questions at Our Boarding School and Beyond

R-MA prioritizes academic success above all else in order to give students the opportunity to seek higher education at an institution that is right for their goals and passions. The challenging curriculum found at our boarding school not only prepares R-MA graduates for the academic challenges they will face in the next step of their studies but also helps them build the confidence they need to pose meaningful questions.

Through small class sizes and dedicated instructors, students at R-MA find a safe space to satisfy their curiosity and dive into the curriculum in a way that incorporates their own opinions, experiences, and ideas. This helps students foster a lifelong love of learning as they continue to seek understanding of the world around them.

Technically Astute and Globally Aware

The student body at R-MA is made up of 30% international students from 13 different countries, which sets the stage for a global mindset. Graduates of R-MA leave our school knowing that their contributions to society extend far beyond their local and immediate communities, and begin to appreciate a more well-rounded understanding of the world.

prep school
Our prep school uses updated technology that helps our students learn advanced operations

The programs found at R-MA also help graduates enter the next phase of their lives well versed in advanced technology. One example can be found in the Unmanned Systems Lab, where students operate advanced simulations as well as help fly the drones that we have acquired to further student learning. With a dedication to innovation, graduates for years to come will continue to see R-MA setting a high bar in every program offered.

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