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Portrait of a Graduate: How We Inspire Students at Our Prep School

For over 13 decades, Randolph-Macon Academy has upheld values of academic excellence and strong moral character. These values are embodied in the success of our graduates. Our new Portrait of a Graduate page is designed to highlight the achievements of our community and demonstrate the qualities that define our prep school. At the same time, it serves as an inspiration for new students who hope to take on the values of R-MA. 

From academic awards and college scholarships to participation in clubs and activities, our graduates have endless achievements to celebrate. R-MA gives each student the freedom to achieve their dreams in an environment of dignity and respect. And every year, as new graduates rise to the top, they teach younger generations to be impactful members of our community. Below, learn more about what the Portrait of a Graduate means for our students today. 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

Leadership is a defining quality in graduates of our prep school. But leadership means more than people think. A true leader is a capable mentor who is committed to the development of their peers. They use their position to enact positive change in the world and inspire others to do the same.  

The Portrait of a Graduate is proof of how R-MA students are changing the world and becoming leaders who will improve humanity. During their time at R-MA, our graduates have held positions as members of the Cadre Leadership Group, captains of sports teams, members of the Student Council, and more. In each of these roles, they show confidence in leading and supporting others on their team. By showing examples of true leadership in action, we prepare new students to take on responsibility in their own communities.

Students learn the value of true leadership at our prep school.

Encouraging Students to Find Their Own Path 

At R-MA, success means something different for every student. Our curriculum is designed to empower each student with the ability to make their own decisions based on hard work and merit. Academic diversity is encouraged through cutting-edge programs that give students insight into the fields of the future. 

Students can choose from courses like aviation and drones, robotics and computer science, visual and performing arts, global entrepreneurship, and more. Each program draws upon the student’s prior knowledge, collaboration, and exploration of interests to make decisions about the world we live in. 

The Portrait of a Graduate emphasizes this personalized approach by highlighting the variety of ambitions in our student body. For example, Alexander Vandyke came to R-MA with dreams of being a video game designer, while Ethan Park found success in aviation with an appointment to the US Air Force Academy. By seeing our graduates step out on their own and make their mark on the world, new students are inspired to drive their own future.

Students are inspired by the ambitions of our graduates.

Supporting a Growth Mindset at Our Prep School

For students of our private boarding school, learning doesn’t stop when they graduate. An education at R-MA is about developing an inquisitive mind and a commitment to self-improvement. Our graduates are producers and consumers of knowledge throughout their lives; they continue to pose questions that improve their understanding of the world. 

This mindset is supported at every stage of our prep school. Students at R-MA learn alongside others with character, striving for improvement day after day as a life-affirming experience. They can look up to the graduates that came before them and see the results of their hard work. For example, our students continue to uphold a 100% university acceptance rate and receive over $14 million in scholarships. By highlighting the progress of our student body, the Portrait of a Graduate inspires growth in the next generation of R-MA students. 

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