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Picture of Your Annual Fund Gift

Everything we do as an institution comes from a place of intentional, deliberate choices, all designed to benefit each of our students.

As the top military school in Virginia and the only full-time boarding Air Force Junior ROTC program in the nation, we are proud to offer a truly unique combination of college preparatory academics, leadership training, and character development. Our Methodist roots produce students who demonstrate respect, integrity, humility, and service to others. 

The annual fund supplements tuition money to create a more robust academic atmosphere.At the basic level, every part of the Academy is touched by necessary gifts from the Annual Fund. These donations provide salaries for R-MA’s exceptional faculty, award financial aid for hard-working students and keep R-MA’s academic and athletic programs strong.

This year the Annual Fund boosted innovation on “The Hill.” Here are a few examples:

Your annual fund gifts help support the athletic programs.The budget year ends on June 30 and each of these programs needs additional support. At the first of June, we are still about $100,000 short of meeting this year’s needs and are asking for your help to reach our goal.

That number may seem insurmountable to raise in 30 days, but consider that gifts $25 and lower combined to bring in nearly $20,000 last year. Any amount helps us get to our goal.

Why is this important? The world needs our graduates.

As a member of the Class of 2016 noted during an alumni gathering at Homecoming, “My favorite part about R-MA is that we all have our own stories. We come from different cities, states, and countries. We have different accents, speak different languages, and identify with different cultures. And despite all of this, we stand together every morning at 7:45. We salute the Nation that has blessed us with the opportunity to be here at R-MA.”

As we rise to the challenge of preparing the next generation of R-MA graduates, it takes all of us to fund these necessary programs that keep R-MA at the cutting edge. 

Give here today.

The R-MA drill team is a result of all of the training and education these cadets receive, which is made possible by support from the Air Force and from you.