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Our Private Academy’s New and Improved Website: a Conversation with Sung Chu

R-MA’s website has a clean, fresh new look. The new redesign offers greater simplicity and usability, with a heavy use of pictures, videos, and a more streamlined way to access pages regarding different aspects of Randolph-Macon Academy. With this new look, users are able to not only easily find information about our school, but do so without having to sift through too much content beforehand. It’s a more vibrant, aesthetically appealing design that can be appreciated by current students, future ones, and alumni alike.

We spoke with Director of Enrollment Management, Sung Chu, to get his insights on what motivated the redesign. Here’s what he had to say.

Bringing It to the 21st Century: Why the R-MA Site Was Redesigned

The new website design is sleeker, more interactive, and less complicated to navigate than the previous one. Although Chu liked the previous website design, the goal with this one was to “bring it to the new century” and allow for greater accessibility. Another was to change people’s preconceived notions about what our private academy is—particularly, those who think of it as a “military school”. That’s why the aim of the redesign was to show prospective students and their parents that R-MA is much, much more than that. “Instead of me or our counselors or anyone having to go on a long spiel of trying to convince someone what that is, we wanted to show people what R-MA is before they come on our campus and before they talk to us, so they can have a great feel of the potential experience that only R-MA can provide,” he says.  

So, what can students and parents expect from R-MA? Here’s a small taste:

The previous design was a little “convoluted” and had “way too much content”, making it difficult to find information quickly. “We want to make sure that, whether it’s a family or student, they look at our site and feel inspired and imagine coming to our school,” he says. 

What Else Should People Know About Our Private Academy’s New Website?

The new R-MA website is designed to resonate with parents, students, prospective students, and alumni alike. “If you’re a prospective parent or family, you’re looking at it like ‘Hmm, I want more information. Let me contact the admissions department,’” he says. “If you’re alumni, it’s ‘Wow, we’re doing so great! I want to contribute to the school, whether that’s with my time or my money or my expertise.’”

For prospective students and parents aiming to learn a little more about our school, it’s now easier to access information on tours and webinars. The new website also allows visitors to easily learn more about not only the academic advantages of attending our college prep boarding school, but also its vibrant student life, dorms, and Air Force JROTC program—to name just a few. Chu says that R-MA has experienced growth in enrollment for the current school year, and that there are waitlists for both the current spring semester and the fall semester for 2021-22. 

Our new website also aims to inform more people about the benefits of an R-MA education, as well as demonstrate the cultural diversity at our school. “If you come to our school, your kid is going to see someone that looks like them, and they’re going to see a kid that doesn’t look like them,” he says. “That’s important for university, their job, their life—wherever they go. Our website does a great job of showcasing that.”

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