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Oops, Should Have Signed Up For Summer School

Ouch. Looking at that high school report card is simply painful. You’ve been in denial since the third quarter, when you realized Joey would have to pull off an A in the fourth quarter and on the exam just to pass the class. Only he didn’t even come close.

Maybe he’s not a serious student, or the teacher was lousy. Maybe that’s just not his subject, or maybe academics in general are a bit hard for him, but he’s no dummy. How could this have happened? Some of us even think, ‘How could I let it?’

This is not the time for second-guessing your decisions or your child’s actions that took place during the school year. This is the time to begin looking for a high school summer school program that will fit your family’s schedule, let your child repeat the course, and hopefully give him back a little of the confidence that report card just wiped away.

R-MA offers a four-week summer school program for high school students, June 26-July 22, 2011. Classes for this summer school run Monday through Saturday—yes it’s a long week, but that’s how you get done quickly and have the rest of the summer to enjoy!

Realizing that the timing of this won’t work for everyone, I tried to be helpful. I went onto Google and tried to find a site that would refer you to other institutions offering summer school courses for high school credit. Only no matter what I typed in, I got things that weren’t relevant. There are tons of sites that gather information about summer camps, but apparently none for summer school classes. They were all individual programs, no compilations.

So here are my suggestions for those of you looking for something in your area:

  • Check the public school.
  • Get a list of private schools in the area (,,, the Yellow Pages are all good resources). Visit their web sites to see if they offer summer programs.
  • Don’t forget to check colleges as well!

Oh, one final note about R-MA’s summer school—we still have openings in all classes!