Military Boarding School: A Few Moments from Graduation

Shawna Jameson '11 shows off her hat. Decorating the hats for the final parade is a tradition among R-MA seniors.Graduation seems like a lifetime ago already, but I wanted to share a few of the wonderful photographs our school photographer, Cindy Rodney, took during graduation.

At left you see Shawna Jameson '11 showing off her hat. I don't know if decorating the top of the hats for the final parade is a tradition at all military schools, but it is at R-MA. Silver Sharpies, fabric paint, and even white-out–the kids use whatever they can find!















Craig Porter, center, retired from teaching after 29 years of service at R-MA.

This is one that a lot of students and alumni will be sorry to see. Craig Porter, center, was invited to review the parade with Gen Hobgood (left) in honor of his retirement. Mr. Porter has been a beloved teacher here at R-MA, and we are all sad to see him go.

The seniors march onto the parade field during the final military parade.

Now don't pay attention to whether they're all in step–they probably weren't. At this point, all of the seniors, both day and boarding students, were marching onto the parade field for the ever-popular hat toss. I promise their minds were not on keeping in step at this point in their military school career!

A photo of the hat toss is fun, but so is a video:


And finally, I leave you with one group photo of some very happy seniors with a few mixed-in underclassmen who were happy for their friends but sad to say good-bye:

A group of boys gather after the final military school parade at R-MA.


Congratulations (again!) to the Class of 2011!




















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