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Middle School Volleyball Wins Second Game

The Lady Yellow Jackets brought home another win last night as they defeated the girls from the Chelsea Academy. The team won the first set with an impressive score of 25-9. The Jackets dominated the court the entire game. Our serving has really helped us to get the lead and our defense is working well together. Citlaly Sosa lead her team in serves with 8 points with one being an ace. Princess Uzoma added 5 points with two aces. Nafisah Muhtar and Olachi Agba both earned two points each with Nafisah serving an ace. Lily Grossman added one point for the team. Olachi Agba had a well placed set-spike to end the game.

In the second set we were out of the zone and fell 25-18 to the girls from Chelsea. However, our serving was still on point. Princess Uzoma served two aces out of her three points earned. Jotrina Vamboi and Lily Grossman both served an ace out of the three points they served.

In the third set we were back on our game. We won the 15-8. Nafisah Muhtar lead this set with three points and one ace. Olachi Agba had three points, Lily Grossman had two points and Jotrina Vamboi added one. The team is working hard and working well together. Our current record is 3-1 and our next match is Thursday September 24th at 4:30 at R-MA. Keep up the good work ladies!

Coach Brinkley
Coach Clingerman