Middle School Volleyball Championships


On Friday our Lady Jackets headed to Rappahannock for the championship game after knocking out Mountain View on Tuesday and Wakefield Country Day School on Thursday. In the first set we played point for point with Rapp. Our players were confident and ready to work together. Citlaly Sosa led her team with 4 points, Jotrina Vamboi added three points and Princess Uzoma and Lily Grossman both served an ace. We fell short for the win but played respectably. Set score was 25-16. 

The second set we came out strong again. The score throughout the entire game stayed close. Olachi Agba served 3 points with one being an ace, Princess added two point (1 ace) along with Nafisah Muhtar adding two also. Jotrina also added one point. We played well defensively but still fell a little short losing the second set 25-18. 

In true sportsmanship fashion Referee Joe Hicks had the girls play a third set so everyone got a chance to play. Princess stepped up as one of the captains to lead her team in serving points for the second set with 5 points. Olachi added two points and Citlaly served one point. Last set we lost 25-17. It was obvious we came to play and getting to the championship game was an impressive feat. 

We would like to recognize our 8th graders. Captain Princess Uzoma was a great leader and an amazing volleyball player throughout the entire season both offensively and defensively, you could see her progression over the season. Her willingness to be aggressive and spike the ball by the end of the season was amazing to watch. Captain Citlaly Sosa was the epitome of sportsmanship. She was always so poised and focused. Her volleyball skills are amazing. Olachi Agba really improved her defense and was really getting her technique for spiking down by the end of the season. Nafisah Muhtar was a serving power this season, when she was on she was on! Anna Toy is a really tough player. She bounces back from everything. She is always eager and willing to learn and she improved her entire game throughout the season. Katy Babineau was always positive and was there to cheer her team on. She put a lot of time and energy into improving her game and has done a great job. We wish you all the best and hope you continue to represent RMA as you move up to the upper school team next year. We are so proud of the transformation from the beginning of the season to the end with each one of you. You have made it fun! 


Coach Brinkley

Coach Clingerman 

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