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Middle School Speech Contest Winners

Randolph-Macon Academy Middle School's annual speech contest was held on April 18, 2012. Winning awards were:

6th grade
1st Place   Kate Ponn, "Oreo Cookies"
2nd Place   Elenda Liyel-Imoke, "Racism"

3rd Place   Angel Njoku, "Pollution"
Honorable Mention  Naomi Eke-Spiff, "Child Abuse"

7th grade
1st Place   Mai Linh Ho, "Poverty"
2nd Place   Jasmine Johnson, "Cutting Extracurriculars at School"
3rd Place   David Imansuangbon, "Suicide Is Morally Wrong"
Honorable Mention  Remi Gillis, "Puppy Mills"
Honorable Mention  Katelyn Shea, "Vegetarianism"

8th grade:
1st Place   Meghan Melberg, "Genetically Modified Food"
2nd Place   Emma Bunker, "World Hunger"
3rd Place   Ashley Grossman, "Murphy's Law"
Honorable Mention  Gabe Williams, "Is Freedom a Right?"
Honorable Mention  William Wong, "Alternative Energy Sources

The speeches of the three first-place award-winners can be viewed here. All others can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Meghan Melberg '18
Speech Topic: Genetically Modified Food
First Place, 8th Grade

Mai Linh Ho '17
Speech Topic: Poverty
First Place, 7th Grade


Kate Ponn '18
Speech Topic: Oreo Cookies
First Place, 6th Grade


To view the rest of the award-winning speeches and those that earned honorable mention, visit our YouTube channel.