Middle School Fall Sports Awards Winners Announced

The Middle School Fall Sports Awards Ceremony was held Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the Middle School Dining Hall. All of the coaches praised the various players for their dedication to their respective teams, and several indicated that it was extremely difficult to make the selections for their awards. Nevertheless, choices had to be made, and the following students were singled out for special recognition:


MVP: Caleb Nielsen '19
Coaches' Awards : Amandeep Atwal '20 and Erik Wagner '18


MVP: J.K. (Name withheld by parent request)
Coaches' Award: Javon Farmer '18
Most Improved Player: Ian Mounts '19


MVP: R.L. (Name withheld by parent request)
Highest Goal Scorer: Filippo Bandera '18
Coaches' Award: Sarah Vaughan '18
Most Improved Player: Cailen Baggett '18


MVP: Angel Njoku '18
Coaches' Award: Elenda Liyel-Imoke '18
Most Improved Player: Tina Tian '18

Congratulations to all!

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