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Middle School Boys’ Basketball Victorious Against LCA

The middle school boys’ basketball team welcomed their roaring fans back from winter break as they took on the Legacy Christian Academy (LCA) Knights. Though the game was very one-sided, the Yellow Jackets kept things interesting by distributing the ball very well.

The first quarter was orchestrated beautifully by Sidique Thomas-Sualley ‘21. “The Maestro” netted 10 points and was a key reason behind Nicolas Gaina ‘21, Michael Patten ‘21, and Joseph Flowers ‘21 each scoring two points. Their locked down 1-3-1 defense also caused multiple turnovers that led to fast break points. 

The second quarter was a little less flashy, but Thomas-Sualley still managed to score six more points before resting the remainder of the game. Gaina and Flowers added two more points to each of their total points as well before becoming spectators.

In the third quarter, the personnel change led to many new faces getting on the scoreboard. Leading the way was Nkeng Ngosong ‘21 with four points off of rebounds followed by Luke Habiby ‘22, David Idah ‘21, and Nathan Whaley ‘21 all scoring two of their own points.

Habiby continued his scoring in the fourth quarter with two points, followed by J.J. Banek-Gabelle ‘21 making a lay-up and Seth Yankey ‘22 scoring four points off of two jump shots from the top of the key.

The Yellow Jackets defeated LCA 44-14 and are prepared to host Rappahannock on Tuesday, January 10, at 5:15 pm.