Looking to Donate to R-MA? How You Can Support Our Goals & Vision for 2024

Vision 2024, Randolph-Macon Academy’s Strategic Plan for the future, reaffirms a commitment to the values and practices that have sustained R-MA since its founding in 1892. We want the futures of our young men and women to be just as bright as those students that came before them. That means adapting to new trends in education and responding to societal changes in ways that prepare our students to think critically and innovatively in the face of new challenges. 

The goal of the strategic plan is to create a roadmap for the future. It takes into account R-MA’s mission, finances, educational practices, and the importance of unique programs such as the Air Force Junior ROTC. Based on some key assessments conducted by our Board of Trustees, the plan highlights areas in which R-MA should direct its attention to sustain the quality of its learning environment while identifying new opportunities for growth. 

If you’re thinking of making a donation to R-MA, here’s a closer look at the mission and values you’ll be supporting for future generations.

Exemplifying the Best Practices in Education

The quality of education has been an emblem of R-MA since its founding. Now, we are looking to uphold and build upon that standard. Our goal is to continue to meet the best in educational practices and 21st-century innovation. That means focusing on developing innovative programs led by a faculty that understands contemporary standards. 

Already, R-MA has made great progress in all academic areas, with a renewed focus on experiential learning in engineering, computer science, robotics, and drone operations. The Hadeed Innovation Lab, part of our new Pre-Professional Pathways and a new flight simulator, have added exciting hands-on components to these programs. With these additions, our students have cutting-edge, real-world experiences, positioning them well for the challenges of the future. 

Not to mention, Vision 2024 reviews our current facilities and conceives of new learning spaces and equipment we can use to support student learning. With the support of those who donate to R-MA, we can invest more time and resources into bringing Vision 2024 to life.

Donate to R-MA to support our commitment to academic innovation.

Boosting Enrollment When You Donate to R-MA

R-MA’s reputation as a world-class institution is proven by the successes of its students and the talent it brings in. Looking to the future, we want to strengthen R-MA’s position to continue to attract the best of the best.

More specifically, we aim to boost overall enrollment with an emphasis on increasing the number of young women, particularly those pursuing STEM careers. To do so, R-MA will focus on emphasizing the success of women in the program as distinguished students and leaders. Internships, service opportunities, and team-based competitions are all examples of unique offerings that make R-MA stand out from the crowd. Applicants are drawn to these opportunities as a way to strengthen their college applications and explore new avenues for success.

By developing these opportunities, getting feedback on student experiences, and putting in place Enrollment Ambassadors, R-MA can secure a steady stream of applicants for the future.

R-MA is focused on attracting new and exceptional students.

Improving Access for Future Students

When you support Randolph-Macon Academy, you support our commitment to transforming the lives of our students. That means giving young people the opportunity to realize their full potential through access to high-quality resources, teaching, and programs. As part of our strategic plan, we aim to develop a financial model that enhances access to the school for a greater pool of qualified candidates. That means working to reduce the dependency on tuition and adequately support the Academy’s programs through an Annual Fund. By deepening the culture of philanthropy among all members of the R-MA community, we can continue to create the opportunities for young people that define our institution.

Are you looking to show your support by giving back to R-MA?

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