Lessons Students at Our Private Boarding School Can Learn From Our Honor Code

“On my honor as a student of Randolph-Macon Academy, I pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those who do. I will conduct myself in a manner that will bring credit to myself, my family, and to Randolph-Macon Academy.” This is the statement students at R-MA agree to when they become bound to our Honor Code, which is an important component of life at R-MA. The Honor Code is designed to ensure students, staff, and faculty are actively working to help new cadets adjust to R-MA life, as well as bolster school spirit and relationships with others. This can be done through many aspects of life at our academy, including through athletics, Air Force JROTC, and life in our campus dorms.

By adhering to our academy’s Honor Code, students commit to upholding R-MA’s foundational values of honesty, mutual trust, and respect for others. Here’s what R-MA students should know about the core beliefs of our Honor Code, and how students can learn from them.

To Trust a Person Is to Make That Person Worthy of That Trust

At Randolph-Macon Academy, students are treated as young adults rather than as children. As such, we expect them to act accordingly during their time at R-MA. Mutual trust between students and other R-MA community members (fellow students, staff, faculty) is important to maintain once it has been earned and established. Teamwork and accountability are among the most crucial values we aim to instil among students, and both of these qualities are essential for upholding trust between all members of the school’s community.

Establishing a culture of mutual trust is a significant component of our Honor Code

No Person Will Lie, Cheat, Or Steal, Nor Tolerate Among Us Those Who Do

This is one of the core values of the Honor Code at our private boarding school, and cannot be emphasized enough. Moreover, we pride ourselves on helping students develop good character and a stronger sense of responsibility. Anyone at R-MA who is caught lying, cheating or stealing is doing so in violation of the trust placed in our students. Similarly, any student who sees a situation such as this is expected to report it, as with any other Honor Code violation. Honesty and trust are instrumental to daily life at R-MA. Additionally, a high standard of integrity is expected of all students, as is the prioritization of personal honor over personal gain. 

Every Person Is a Gentleman Or a Lady at Our Private Boarding School 

One of the most important values our coed private school emphasizes for students is for them to show respect and common courtesy for their peers at all times. When one individual demonstrates this to another at R-MA, the expectation is that this respect is reciprocated. This includes fellow students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Our goal is to help students develop a strong character and act professionally around others, and to ensure they are recognized and respected by others as unique individuals. Thus, R-MA students are expected to work alongside fellow members of the school’s community to establish a culture founded upon mutual respect for others.

R-MA students are expected to show respect for their peers at all times

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