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Interested in Giving Back to R-MA? How Our Students Get Involved in the Community

When considering the impact that Randolph-Macon Academy students have on the wider community, it’s important to return to our private academy’s mission and values. We are dedicated to making leaders that will improve humanity, while giving them the tools, resources, and knowledge to do so throughout their time with us. As we are able to Inspire the RISE Within, students are able to achieve both personal and communal success in their lives at R-MA and outside of our school.

Students get creative in their forms of community involvement, whether they sign up for a 9/11 community service event or dedicate their free time to campus clubs that prioritize service. In and outside of the classroom, students are able to prepare for a lifelong dedication to service as they integrate it as part of their own mission in life alongside their important tasks and responsibilities. Continue reading to see how your support can further this R-MA initiative toward continuous community involvement. 

Supporting R-MA Initiatives Throughout Our Wider Community

R-MA students are constantly able to give back to the local community with their time, energy, and resources available to them. When alumni and donors commit to supporting R-MA financially, they help see these projects through and ensure the opportunities for students to improve their community remain available.

Students have completed extensive landscaping jobs at local senior homes, performed a river water study with a focus on algae issues with the Unmanned Systems Lab, and raised awareness for a number of worthy causes such as Walk for Diabetes. The availability of these important community service initiatives exists thanks to the generosity of our donors, who allow our programs to keep expanding.

Giving back to R-MA supports our advanced programs, such as the Unmanned Systems Lab, which explore opportunities to serve the community.

Experiencing the On-Campus Community Through Mentoring

On campus, R-MA fosters an incredible and tight-knit community that resounds school spirit. Alumni who are giving back to R-MA see that the same opportunities they had as students are still present today, with upgrades and improvements each year. Students, faculty, and staff members work together every day to promote good relationships and understanding, develop school spirit, and help every new cadet adjust to life at R-MA.

Getting involved with one another on campus through interactive programs and events fosters a greater sense of community.

One of the most important elements for our student’s success is the Mentoring program, which gives students the opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with caring teachers and staff. Mentors are advocates for their students, helping them interact with their peers, and build their confidence to succeed in life while also reinforcing students’ strong relationships with their on-campus community.

Promoting Community Service Through Our AFJROTC Program

The AFJROTC program at R-MA is grounded in traditional Air Force values, including Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do. Specifically, our AFJROTC program allows students to emphasize their commitments by promoting community service. This is exemplified by their involvement on campus, their ability to mentor the younger students and cadets, and their active involvement with community events and service projects. Reinforcing what is learned in the classroom, AFJROTC students cement their values and objectives for lifelong futures committed to service.

Committing to Clubs Dedicated to Community Service 

The Interact Club is a popular club on campus and represents just one of the many options students have to join a small group of like-minded individuals. Students in the Interact Club perform community service and raise money for worthy causes in the local and international communities. Members also live by the Four-Way Test: Of the things we think, say, or do: first: Is it the Truth? second: Is it Fair to all concerned? third: Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships? fourth: Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

Students involved in R-MA spiritual life also have opportunities to serve the community. For example, in 2019, a group of students set out on a mission trip to provide hurricane relief in North Carolina. With the collective help from our larger community of alumni, students have every opportunity to contribute to service projects in hopes of improving humanity.

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