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How Your Support Helps Our Students Boost Their College Resumes

Here at Randolph-Macon Academy, we offer our students a number of opportunities that help boost their college applications, giving them a competitive edge over their peers. R-MA alumni understand just how important life on campus is for the futures of our students. During their time on The Hill, they develop impressive personal and interpersonal skills through sports, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and more–all of which make them excellent candidates for their future endeavors. And of course, consistently strong academics help our students shine even brighter.

Students have the chance to follow their passions while advancing their academic knowledge during their time at R-MA. With specialized programs, students learn their strengths and pursue their dreams in the process. Continue reading to see how your support can help to build these paths for students.

Supporting R-MA Student Futures With AP Programs

With the added support of the most caring and qualified faculty, we are able to offer unique and advanced programs for students to boost their academic profiles. At R-MA, we offer 15 Advanced Placement courses for our Upper School students to take throughout their time at our private academy. Math, Science, English, and History AP courses prepare students for the work ethic required to excel at university. 

More than that, Advanced Placement courses prove to colleges and universities that students are willing to go above and beyond in their academics. With relevant AP courses on their college resumes, students head into the college application process one step ahead of their peers.

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Students prepare for their college journeys with support from our faculty and alumni

College Counseling Sets Students Up for Success

The college application process is facilitated by our college counseling program, aimed at finding the best academic, social, and financial fit for students in their post-secondary education. Supporting R-MA students in their college aspirations is something that we are always proud to do at our academy. Each student works closely with a college counselor to determine the appropriate curriculum for their university application–and even their future career.

Additionally, college counseling at R-MA helps students best prepare for college entrance exams that will impress admissions officers. Deliberate planning on when to apply to each college helps students balance their applications to meet each deadline without becoming overwhelmed by the process. Students are able to focus on performing in their current courses while also adequately preparing for their futures.

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Supporting R-MA students helps them prepare for the futures of their dreams

Additional Academic Programs to Boost College Resumes

Support from our generous alumni and donors allows us to provide additional academic programs that allow students to discover their interests. While exploring their strengths and keeping an open mind, students are able to collaborate with their peers in a number of cross-curricular programs unlike those offered across the country.

From Aviation and Drone classes to Robotics and Computer Science, students benefit from cutting-edge technology and courses that offer the most advanced access to each subject. Our Pre-Professional Pathways specifically provide an avenue for students to pursue their career interests while earning high school credits. With help from our alumni each year, we continue to adjust and improve our programs to benefit our students’ futures.

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