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How Your Support Enriches R-MA’s Extracurricular Programs

Some of the most meaningful memories we create are moments shared with friends and peers outside of the classroom. Students at Randolph-Macon Academy get to experience these moments through the extensive extracurricular offerings we provide on campus.

At R-MA, students are encouraged to embrace their personalities and follow their interests. While they have opportunities to pursue their academic interests with specialized courses and Pre-Professional pathways, they are able to go one step further and pursue interests outside of the classroom as well, through extracurricular activities.

Extracurriculars Provide an Unmatched Student Experience On-Campus at R-MA

Throughout each of these offerings, student life on campus results in the adoption of values of accountability, teamwork, character, structure, and grit. Whether pushing through a challenging intramural sports match, or testing creative boundaries in the yearbook club, students come together to be the best versions of themselves.

When you support R-MA, you give students the chance to collaborate with and challenge each other in extracurricular activities to become the best versions of themselves

Support R-MA Students as They Foster Lifelong Friendships

Because teamwork and accountability are at the heart of R-MA values, students feel surrounded by like-minded peers on campus. Prioritizing open dialogue and the pursuit of individual interests helps students become their best selves, which sets the stage for lifelong friendships to be made.

R-MA students have the unique opportunity to pursue almost any one of their passions that they feel called to. From leading prospective students in Academy’s Own to debating important concepts in Philosophy Club, students find their circle of friends who share their interests. When you support R-MA, you help students form the basis of strong and long-lasting relationships.

Students are able to connect with their passions outside of the classroom through extracurricular activities

Developing Personal and Interpersonal Skills Through Extracurriculars

Extracurricular activities at R-MA make student life on campus exciting and engaging, and allow students to make friends in different circles of their academic and social lives. These activities also help students grow personally as they learn how to collaborate with one another with clear communication, respectful insight, and thoughtful understanding.

Students develop a sense of responsibility when they engage in active participation in groups and clubs that interest them. Learning that their own ideas hold value and deserve respect allows them to better relate to their peers, becoming better listeners and communicators. The personal growth and interpersonal skills developed through extracurricular activities are something our graduates are very proud of. From young academics to our future strong leaders, R-MA students learn to live lives of meaning and success.

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