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How Your Support Can Help the Health and Wellbeing of Our Students

Many physical, emotional, spiritual, and social variables make up an individual’s overall health and wellness. At Randolph-Macon Academy, we cater to our students’ complexities by understanding that each student, and their needs, are unique.

Support from our donors and friends allows for the continued efforts of our faculty, staff, and the entire community to fine-tune, improve, and expand our offerings to students. From the classroom to the sports fields to leisure time, we make sure students have the resources they need to focus on their positive growth. Continue reading to learn more about how your donations can help.

Faculty and Staff Promote the Formation of Healthy Relationships

From the moment students step on campus at R-MA, we want them to feel at home – no matter how far they’ve traveled. The faculty and staff that students interact with daily on campus prioritize the formation of different types of healthy relationships. Strong support systems and meaningful connections all reinforce the overall wellness of our students.

In the classroom, students work on academic and professional relationships with their peers as they collaborate, innovate, and ask questions about the world around them. On the sports fields, students learn to support one another physically and mentally as they work toward a common goal. In their free time, students have the luxury of living with their peers in the dorms and attending group activities that foster lifelong friendships. 

Fundraising for R-MA offers support for students to make meaningful connections that support their wellbeing

Increasing School Spirit Fosters Connection

Supporting R-MA students doesn’t stop at the resources on campus. When students feel connected to the Academy’s alumni, they are able to dive deeper into the strong sense of school spirit that makes up the R-MA community. Alumni involvement helps keep this spirit alive across the decades and generations and helps contribute to a sense of belonging in our students.

Alumni involvement can help you remain connected to your alma mater, and it can also inspire the young minds currently walking its halls. When students see the successes of those that came before them, they are able to envision themselves achieving their own goals. With motivation and drive at the forefront of their minds, and deep connections supporting their efforts, student health and wellness thrive.

School spirit reinforces each student’s sense of belonging and gratitude for their school

A Residential Life Team Devoted to Student Wellness 

In the dorms, the Residential Life team settles for nothing less than a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment that nurtures the wellness needs of students. The Residential Life Program is an extension of the academic environment, combining caring and responsible adults with students eager for accountability, responsibility, and happiness.

Cadets participate in an ongoing Residential Life Curriculum focusing on life, civil communication, and positive choice-making skills. Giving students the tools they need to make positive decisions for themselves helps their confidence grow as they find independence and influence over their lives. Your support helps students grow in ways they never believed they could, and supports their health and wellbeing along the way.

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