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How You Can Support the Professional Success of Our Students When You Donate to R-MA

When you donate to Randolph-Macon Academy, you want to ensure that your generosity is changing the lives of current and future R-MA students. This is why we continue to connect alumni to the Academy’s initiatives to constantly improve our campus and the experiences of our students.

With the continued support of our alumni and the wider community, R-MA students are able to achieve their academic and professional goals, upholding a 100% college acceptance rate year after year. Supporting the professional success of each student starts with the level of care and attention they receive on campus, every day. Continue reading to learn how your contributions can facilitate these goals.

Support R-MA Students in Becoming Productive and Meaningful Citizens

A number of programs at R-MA, made possible thanks to the generous support of our community alumni, help students understand what it means to positively contribute to society. At R-MA, we are committed to shaping good character through positive leadership, professional conduct, and service. We work tirelessly to ensure each student is self-reliant, respected, and recognized as a unique individual while being embraced genuinely by a family environment.

In addition to the challenging curriculum and supportive community found at R-MA, students learn to become productive citizens through the Air Force Junior ROTC program, as well as through clubs such as the National Honor Society. Both of these programs exhibit students’ profound dedication to leadership, service, and outstanding character. 

alumni giving
Support R-MA students in learning what it means to make a positive impact on those around them

Advanced Academic Programs Foster Well-Rounded Individuals

Diving deeper into the curriculum, R-MA’s advanced academic programs help to foster the qualities that contribute to meaningful citizenship. All of our programs encourage critical thinking, global awareness, inquiry, self-discipline, and resilience.

At the Upper School, we offer some of these advanced academic programs through our Pre-Professional Pathways. Students have the unique opportunity to further explore their passions and career interests outside of the standard curriculum and club offerings. Whether students choose aviation, global entrepreneurship, or software engineering, their program will give them a solid foundation in their field while providing them with a competitive edge in the college admissions process.

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Aviation is one example of an advanced academic program we are able to continue with the contributions of alumni

Students Develop Qualities at R-MA That Translate into Career Skills

With the motivation to achieve a bright future thanks to their impressive alumni role models, R-MA students gain and refine a number of skills and qualities that eventually translate to their ability to succeed in their careers. As alumni can attest, R-MA remains committed as ever to using techniques of the U.S. military as an effective format for creating a strong, disciplined, uniform student body determined to succeed.

These motivations help students take the necessary steps to refine their communication skills, improve their collaboration tactics, persevere through difficult obstacles, and confidently support those around them. All of these attributes help fine-tune their professional abilities, which proves to be invaluable in the long run.

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