How You Can Support Our International Community by Giving Back to R-MA

R-MA attracts students from all over the world – students who come to follow a path of academic excellence and personal growth, and to receive an education that will set them on the path to a top university. 

Each and every student at R-MA offers a valuable contribution to our school culture. With donor support, we uphold the initiatives that bring new opportunities and support to the valued international community at R-MA.

Welcoming Students from Around the World

Over recent years, R-MA has welcomed a student body from countries all over the world. This group of students from more than 20 different countries come to the R-MA campus to build lasting connections and carve their academic paths. Every single student is brought into the community at R-MA with values of honesty, mutual trust, and respect for others. The result is a close-knit community, designed to strengthen and support the development of every member. 

Not only do our students gain a healthy respect for those of other beliefs, but they also learn to communicate and collaborate with people of different cultures or backgrounds. This is an essential tool in today’s global landscape. 

International students are welcomed into a close-knit community at R-MA

Building Academic Excellence

After arriving on campus, international students are immersed in an academic environment with a rigorous curriculum and innovative program options. Students develop the knowledge and skills to prepare them for entry into university, both inside and outside the classroom. Small class sizes and expert instructors are there to ensure that each and every student is given the support they need to realize their academic ambitions. 

In particular, the mentorship program at R-MA assigns every student to a faculty or staff mentor, who provides the student with guidance throughout the school year. Mentors meet with their students each week to determine their class schedule and to implement an action plan with each student for their academic and social achievement.

With donor support, we ensure personalized support for the academic success of every student

Setting Their Sights on Higher Education

Our College Counselor offers individual guidance to students, accommodating their personal goals and needs. Every year, 100% of R-MA graduates gain acceptance to universities across North America and the world. Over the past three years, our students have been accepted to top universities such as Harvard University, University of Toronto, and New York University. 

R-MA’s location in Virginia and its proximity to Washington D.C. is a great way for international students to familiarize themselves with American culture, through field trips to Washington and other notable areas around the academy. In a prestigious academic setting, international students are well-positioned for success in higher education and beyond. 

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