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How You Can Help Uphold a Goal-Oriented Mindset in Our Students

Students at R-MA are characterized by their love of learning and drive for success. Our academic initiatives are designed to inspire ambition in every student and prepare graduates to use their talents to better the world. At R-MA, students are taught that determination and commitment are the building blocks of success. Our rigorous curriculum is there to build direction in our students, while innovative courses offer new opportunities at every stage of their learning. With the right balance of challenge and support, students at R-MA find the skills to reach new heights in their academic careers. If you’re looking to show your appreciation for R-MA, here’s a closer look at how we support the drive in every student. 

Striving for Academic Excellence

At R-MA, there is something to ignite every passion. Beginning at the Middle School, students develop a strong awareness of life skills including time management, ambition, and a general outlook of college readiness. This helps students to develop a goal-oriented mindset as they advance through their academic careers. 

At the Upper School level, that mindset translates into a vocation. Students can choose from a wide range of Advanced Placement courses and Pre-Professional Pathways, such as Aviation or Software Engineering. Each of these courses challenges students to develop their skills and to set their sights on a future career. In the pursuit of academic excellence, students are constantly developing a sense of their own capabilities. 

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Rising to New Challenges

The Power of Rise is a philosophy which teaches students to reach new heights and overcome adversity. At R-MA, success is as much about determination as it is about results. Students are taught to set goals for themselves and learn in the process of pursuing those goals. When students are prepared to face challenges with resilience, they find there is no end to their accomplishments. Building confidence in their abilities is the first step to achieving their goals. Every year, 100% of our graduates are accepted to universities around the world, where they arrive ready to advance their interests and pathways. When you donate to R-MA, you support a mindset of perseverance that will see our graduates through the challenges of later life. 

Students at R-MA learn to overcome challenges in achieving their goals

Building Character

Students who succeed are self-disciplined – both academically and personally – and committed to self-improvement. This goal-oriented outlook is a community value at R-MA. Students learn to support one another in their pursuits and strive for success as a team. Our Air Force Junior ROTC program embodies these values. A vital part of the curriculum is character development, teaching students the value of teamwork and a positive attitude. With a sense of responsibility for the success of those around them, students find greater satisfaction in striving for excellence. By fostering a constructive mindset in students, R-MA ensures that graduates have the tools to reach their full potential.  

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