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How You Can Help Provide Personalized Support to R-MA Students

Personalized attention in any middle school or high school program can mean all the difference when it comes to a child reaching their full potential. This can relate to their academic performance, their personal confidence, and their social connections.

When students feel supported, they are more capable of stepping out of their comfort zone without fear of failure. Students at Randolph-Macon Academy are encouraged to take risks, whether they ultimately succeed or fail. It is only through our challenges that we rise to our abilities to conquer our obstacles. Continue reading to learn how your support can help foster these critical values.

Personalized College Counseling for Every Student

Through fundraising for R-MA, we are able to continuously update our programs, stay relevant in the college applications process year after year, and brainstorm new, beneficial programs and partnerships for our school.

Personalized college counseling is an important part of our student resource bank that allows us to continue to see 100% of our graduates gain acceptance into colleges around the globe every year. R-MA’s College Counseling program emphasizes a team effort. The student, parent, mentor, and faculty are all partners in preparing the student for college. Student mentors also serve as the advocate for students on campus and will work to coordinate action-plans with each student for their academic and social achievement on an individualized basis.

Students are able to set their goals confidently knowing they will have the personalized support they need from R-MA to achieve them

Small Class Sizes Support R-MA Students With Individualized Attention

In conjunction with an intense focus on building students’ college-readiness skills, our academic program creates a learning environment that fosters confidence and success. With small class sizes, students are able to actively participate amongst their peers, creating an engaging atmosphere.

Not only do small class sizes support R-MA students’ access to a personalized education, but they also help boost students’ confidence

This environment provides students with opportunities to express their ideas, play on their strengths, and improve their weaknesses in a safe and supportive way. 

Wide Range of Program Offerings for Students to Pursue

R-MA is proud to offer a wide range of programs, some of which are the only of their kind in secondary schools across the country! The elite Air Force Junior ROTC program at R-MA is built around an aerospace science curriculum, and operates an in-house flight program that provides both flight and drone instruction.

Additionally, students are able to explore their passions no matter which way they are pulled. Programs and courses in visual and performing arts, entrepreneurship, engineering, robotics, and world languages provide students with the unique ability to adjust their high school courses based on their varying interests. At R-MA, the possibilities truly are endless.

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