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How Various Types Of Physical Education At R-MA Enrich Student Learning

At R-MA, we strive to promote positive academic development and instill strong character, resilience, and social skills in our students. We have a reputation for producing highly competent and confident graduates guided by the principles of a quality military education. This is evident in every aspect of our instruction, including physical education. Physical education has always been considered an integral part of effective instruction. It not only helps students to maintain a high level of physical fitness, but it also teaches essential social skills and strategic thinking. Keep reading to determine how various physical activities at our private school help students reach their full potential. 

Strategic Sport Promotes Intellectual Development

Sport is as mental as it is physical. The strongest athlete has a chance of succeeding with an effective strategy in place. Participation in physical activities like dodgeball, flag tag, and capture the flag requires students to use their problem-solving skills independently and as a team to maximize results. Strong strategizing skills are essential to high academic achievement, college acceptance, career planning, and continuous personal growth making strategic sports a highly valuable part of physical education at R-MA.

R-MA student giving a thumbs up on the field
Strategic sports at our private high school enable students to develop intellectually.

Team Sports Teach R-MA Students How to Collaborate Effectively

Students at our private high school are given plenty of opportunities to develop their social skills and character. Playing sports at R-MA encourages students to learn good sportsmanship, take directions from referees, strategize with teammates, and collaborate on the field. Together, they take losses with grace and celebrate wins. 

Sports at R-MA encourage a strong sense of belonging which helps students develop confidence and vital interpersonal skills such as communication, respect, leadership, and understanding and adhering to rules. Team sports like flag football, soccer, volleyball, speedball, basketball, and floor hockey enable students to develop the collaborative skills necessary to excel in group work, network, and forge lasting connections.

R-MA students having fun on the volleyball court
Sports at our private high school provide students with the opportunity to develop socially.

Fitness Activities and Assessments Encourage Students to Maintain Their Physical Health

Physical fitness has a profoundly positive impact on students. As part of the curriculum at our prep school, students take part in various fitness activities and assessments, allowing them to set goals effectively and gradually strengthen their results. Not only is strong physical fitness beneficial to students’ acceptance into various military pathways, but it improves their health habits throughout their lives and allows them to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness in various areas, including their self-image, discipline, cognitive ability, and disease prevention. 

Physical activities are also an opportunity to come together. Check out some highlights from the 5K Parent Association Run here!

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