How the Power of Rise Leads Students to Success at Our Prep School

Randolph-Macon Academy teaches more than academic excellence. It’s a school with an educational and moral philosophy to pass on to each and every student. At R-MA, we not only encourage our students to gain academic qualifications—we also aim to nurture individuals with a sense of purpose and a drive to achieve their full potential. 

The Power of Rise is the founding principle of our community. Its underlying values encourage students to reach new heights, overcome adversity, and lead by example. With a focus on service and integrity, the Power of Rise teaches future generations to work towards a better world by supporting their peers in their endeavors. 

Here’s a closer look at how students achieve success through our educational philosophy. 

Reaching New Heights

The Power of Rise is about providing students with an educational platform from which they can prepare themselves for the future. Every year, our college prep boarding school guides students to realize their educational and professional goals. Our academic program is geared towards securing success for our graduates in higher education. That’s why R-MA is proud to hold a 100% college acceptance rate among our graduating classes, with an average of $6.5 million in scholarships awarded every year. 

Students at our college prep boarding school set their sights on success in higher education

Often, achieving academic excellence is a matter of understanding your potential and developing the confidence to set your sights on specific goals. The Power of Rise teaches students that the sky’s the limit. In a learning environment that demands academic success, our students rise to the occasion. 

Commitment to Helping Others

A good leader is one who strengthens others. They aim to lead not for personal gain, but with the hopes of developing a better world. In doing so, they secure their own success. In line with this philosophy, graduates of R-MA are committed to supporting each other in their endeavors.

At our prep school, we foster an environment of teamwork and peer support across lessons, extracurricular activities, and summer programs. Students become part of a lifelong community both inside and outside of the classroom. Developing a solid and dependable support network is one of the keystones of success at any stage of life. The Power of Rise is founded on honesty, mutual trust, and respect for those around you. Our students and faculty work to create a school spirit that promotes positive relationships between unique individuals.

Students at R-MA learn to support and respect one another in a team environment

Overcoming Challenges

The Power of Rise is the power of rising to each and every challenge. Students at R-MA are not afraid of adversity. Rather, they learn to face it head-on, to take risks, to succeed, and to fail. In that sense, the Power of Rise is a mindset in which students develop a rewarding sense of accomplishment, whatever the outcome. Developing the incentive to strive for success is the first step in achieving it. With a rigorous academic curriculum and innovative programs such as aviation, robotics, and global entrepreneurship, our students are met with a range of modern challenges. The Power of Rise inspires them to develop the confidence to overcome those hurdles and develop their talents in the process. 

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