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How Taking Band at Our Private Academy Builds Confidence and Community

Like many other art forms, performing arts offer students the chance to explore their creativity and discover new methods for self-expression. Opportunities like marching and concert band allow students to find new passions, build new skills, and develop stronger ties to their community. 

In addition to honing their musicality and talents, students who join R-MA’s marching and concert band benefit from a unique experience—becoming a part of a larger team, working together to provide award-winning performances. These experiences create lifelong memories that help students develop their confidence and sense of community. 

Here’s a closer look at the experience and benefits of joining R-MA’s marching and concert band! 

Gaining Memorable Experiences by Taking Marching and Concert Band 

R-MA’s award-winning marching and concert band has earned an impressive reputation across the East Coast. Students who participate have the opportunity to play for sporting events and Air Force JROTC parades, traveling throughout the region to perform in at least one extended tour each year—such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City among others.

Throughout this memorable experience, students learn to develop discipline and resilience. Strong performances are built on practice and hard work, where routines and rehearsals allow participants to continue improving their skills. Here, students develop resilience as they persevere throughout their training, becoming more capable of achieving their goals. As such, they can enjoy a sense of accomplishment that boosts their self-confidence, receiving encouragement and support from their bandmates.  

R-MA band students can grow their confidence as they contribute to award-winning performances

Boosting Confidence and Communication Skills at Our Private Academy

A performing arts education allows students to try new things and go out of their comfort zone. At our preparatory school, band members undergo musical training and perform in front of large audiences. Those who generally feel shy or anxious in front of crowds can learn to navigate these situations with others, receiving support and relying on their own resilience to excel in these new experiences. In this way, students can directly increase their own self-confidence.

By working with others, students can improve their communication skills and learn to be successful team players. These skills can benefit students beyond graduation, enhancing their relationships and performance in future careers. Band members also learn to strengthen their listening skills and decipher non-verbal cues more effectively. Through these learning experiences, students can grow while contributing to a big team effort.

Band students at R-MA collaborate with and support each other

Fostering Community and Collaboration through Band Experiences

Collaboration is about forging relationships and sharing responsibilities in order to accomplish goals together. It’s also about building trust and a sense of community as team members come together to showcase their hard work. Band members at our private academy are able to bond through their experiences—practicing, performing, and traveling together. 

A strong community can help students feel more at home, encouraging them to build friendships that can last a lifetime. In this community, students can feel more comfortable showcasing their unique talent and skills, becoming key members of the group. Collaborating in this way provides an additional opportunity for growth, boosting engagement and mutual success. This can lead to a transformative experience, where individual perseverance and team effort create memorable, award-winning performances.

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